Go With The Flow

The last 3-4 weeks have felt like a roller coaster. Have had to face many challenges almost everyday. Some were even life changing. I won’t get into details but it’s not easy for someone who only plans till next week, to plan for a year ahead or more.

I’m always talking about creating a guide line, a map of a sort that determines the direction you’re considering taking, but of course detours and pit stops are always welcome. Room for flexibility is a must. Otherwise, if your life doesn’t go according to your “plan” you’ll be miserable forever.

Sure, I kinda know what my year looks like. But only till the end of August. Most of it is work related. The rest is just a blank page waiting to get scribbled into. Easter’s a great example. I have many options but still don’t have a solid plan. All I know is it’ll be at some beach in East Africa.

We always get great ideas. For ourselves. For close ones. For others. But sometimes those ideas may not be the best. Perhaps the timing is off or perhaps you’re off altogether.1425546_10152061330352209_850539426_n

Going with the flow may seem like the best idea in most cases. Maybe just take a step back, think about it all, weigh your pros and cons and then let the river take its course.

Decisions. Choices.

I love conversations. And I have a few with very wise people. Who’ve seen life and have gone through so much. It’s funny, that we say no to the things that would make us happy yet we say yes to things that we know will land us in misery. I suppose it’s all about finding the balance and maybe standing up for yourself.

Say yes to traveling. Opportunities. Great jobs. To Passion. Especially passion. When you feel your heartbeat go a little faster or your eyes lighten up when you hear of something… That’s the direction you need to walk in. But remember not to overwhelm yourself, because in that moment, the idea may seem great, but it could flip and not fall through. And that’s when you’ll need to go with the flow.

It’s something that will always stick with me from Art of Living. I did the course back in 2006 and the knowledge they pass through is simple, we know it but aren’t aware of it. It awakens you. And the simple saying is… “Expectations Reduces Joy”.

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