Moving Forward After Westgate

Next weekend’s going to be 5 months since the Westgate attack. It’s interesting to see how Nairobi seems to have moved on. Though, those who were directly affected by it, it’ll never leave their hearts and minds.

Not saying people haven’t moved on, but have noticed people still question what’s “normal” anymore ver since Westgate?

I’ve come a long way since. With the help of my wonderful mum and bro and my amazing Life Coach and Grief Coach Jenetta Barry, must say I’ve managed to collapse so much and deal with new challenges better than I would have before.

People see me out and about and goofing around and all, and think I’ve moved on. I don’t think moving on is the correct word. Perhaps moving forward is.

There are a few things that still make me jumpy… Loud sounds, unusual behaviour from unknown people in my surroundings.

But the one thing I wasn’t able to do was get back into my favourite black boots that I had worn on the day of the attack.

I jumped right back into my blue jeans, but it’s taken me nearly 5 months to wear them again.

And that’s what I’m doing tonight. Wearing my favourite black flat boots!

I wanted to share this because I know someone somewhere out there is probably going through something similar. Where they cannot seem to let go of something or don’t know how to collapse it.

You may be great at dealing with so much after so much grief, but you need to know there’s no time frame for it.

Deal with it at your own pace. No one can ask you “why’s it taken you so long to get over it?” Fact is, you never will. It’s something that will remain with you forever.

But always remember no one’s ever going through grief alone, you just need to bare in mind that people who want to help are genuine and you can trust them.

Talking about it helps A LOT and if you feel you can’t speak to someone, write your heart out.

It’s taken me almost 5 months to break the one thing I couldn’t get myself to do. And I’m so happy that it was today.

Today, because it’s all about love. Yes, they call it Valentines Day. The Love Day. The day to express your love for someone else.

But today, I’m bursting with love for myself and my life!

Happy Valentines Day!

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