Life Is All About The Choices You Make

I probably stare at my blog everyday wondering what to write. It starts to bother me when I see a huge gap between today’s post and the last. But sometimes I have a writers block as so much is going on and I don’t know where to start. I obviously can’t express everything and explain everything. Not everyone will understand what I have to say but I suppose some will relate to it.

You know when they say images“life is all about the choices you make”.    Well what do you do when you’re not sure of the choice that’s in front of you? Isn’t life supposed to be unpredictable and you go with the flow. If one choice leads to the dumps are you going to have regrets later on?

Don’t we preach not to have any regrets? Yet, because of the choices we are sometimes forced to make, leads to regret?

I’ve had an interesting few weeks and it’s made me question myself quite a number of time. It’s made me question my morals, my intentions, my relationships, my work, my life in general.

No one’s getting any younger but at this rate you’re forcing people to grow older. I already have 7-10 strands of white hair and I’m still in my mid-twenties.

Question is, what do you do AFTER you’ve made a choice, but don’t know if it was the best one? Do you just stay where you are and water around you so the grass gets greener? Do you jump over to the next green field that may dry up faster than you thought?1483427_10152191337652209_1072699381_n

Life’s all about the choices you make right?

/This is a bit of a rant and a bit of a reflective post. I had no point to it but sort of wanted to put myself out there/

One thought on “Life Is All About The Choices You Make

  1. At times even decisions that felt like a good one at a point in time leads to regrets later on as well. You might regret why you tried so hard, put in so much effort ect. You would never have thought to yourself that you’ll regret the decision because it felt like a good one at the time! Regret is a learning mechanism, a way that you can learn from and not repeat the same mistakes.

    Personally, the extent of the after-effect or regret AFTER taking a decision all comes down to how convinced I was that it was the best decision. I’ve felt regret many times after taking a firm decision because I had never really convinced myself that it was the right one when I took it. If I had convinced myself properly when taking the decision, it is far easier to swat away the regret by reminding myself of the justification…

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