Stay Home, The Terrorists Win

There have been many warnings via SMS, e-mail, Facebook status’s saying be careful, stay away from malls, there may be a terrorist attack this weekend.

Sod off.

Spreading fear like that shows that those who did what they did at Westgate have won.

I’m pretty sure the whole of Kenya is aware and are careful whenever they go out. Especially in Nairobi and Mombasa. And if they’re not, then too bad for them. Maybe even, good for them! They’re not living in a cocoon.

Telling people to stay away from malls and busy areas is not gonna stop them from doing so.

I was at Junction last evening, yet here I am alive and breathing, unharmed and writing this.

Yes, be careful, be aware, know where exits etc are IN CASE of any sort of attack. It could be robbers, it could be rapists. Not just terrorists.

Avoiding places not only makes you live in fear, it kills business for those at malls. We all help each other feed ourselves. I walk into a store, I buy something, I’ve made a contribution towards his/her rent, entertainment allowance and bread and butter and so much more.

By creating and spreading unnecessary fear you’re basically telling the terrorists, you’ve won.

We don’t know when they’ll strike again, we don’t know where they’ll strike again.

But we cannot live everyday wondering if today’s the day. Today they will attack. What if they attack in 5 or 10 years? So you stop living for half/a decade?

Be aware. Be careful. But don’t embed fear and stop living your life.

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