Yoga On The Beach

For the longest time I’ve heard about Yogathon’s and Yoga classes and how beneficial it is for you and how amazing you feel after every class. It’s literally like a workout and is an easy way to also lose that flab that you’ve been whining about.

The first Yogathon I had ever heard of in Nairobi was actually hosted by Faraja Cancer Centre. I signed up for it but wasn’t able to go for it as I got held up. Missed it 2 years in a row.

Like Jenetta keeps telling me, if I set the intent, I can make it happen. But for now, I know it may not be possible for me to attend this, but it shouldn’t stop you…slepout

SleepOut has partnered with Lamu Yoga Festival.

I reckon it’s such a brilliant event because (my personal opinion):

1.) You get away from Nairobi

2.) You’re at the beach!

3.) Not just ANY beach! You’re in Lamu!

4.) It’s healthy

5.) You get to meet new people

I came across this blog earlier on and thought these 10 examples are a perfect reason to why you SHOULD go for the Lamu Yoga Festival!


  1. You will take your yoga to the next level physically – Learning to become more flexible, balanced and use your breath with each movement.
  2. Take your yoga to the next level emotionally – Learn to use your breath. Use yoga as a calming mechanism and tool for your daily life.
  3. Learn to eat healthy – Learn tips and recipes you might have not learned anywhere else.
  4. Detox – Put your foot on the brakes in your daily life with your eating, work outs (or lack of!), etc. and join us for a weekend away from stress, negativity and nonsense!  Let someone else take control!
  5. Relax & Refresh Your Spirit – Stop your day to day life craziness.  When you get back to real life, everyone will thank you!yoga-on-the-beach
  6. Go somewhere new – Venturing out and experiencing something new allows you to give a little clarity and perspective to your life.  Watch things become much clearer and simpler.
  7. Make new friends!  We can all make new friends, but making friends on a yoga trip is a unique experience.  Having the same interests in wanting to better yourself and relax somewhere together automatically makes you click and connect.  Make friendships and connections that will most likely last much longer than the span of the retreat!
  8. Be treated!  Spoil yourself.  Why?  Well, because you deserve it!
  9. You’ve Always Wanted To Go On A Retreat – You keep putting it off, but you want to do it!  Why not NOW?!
  10. Set Goals – Take time out of your life to press pause.  Set goals in your life and watch you come back ready to accomplish them!

ISD-yoga-009A lot of people feel Yoga is just for women. Errrr… NO! Men do Yoga as well. I know men usually feel uncomfortable at first, but be that breaking barrier to encourage more men to come for it (You also get an extra brownie point with the ladies 😉 ).

The Lamu Yoga Festival is from 13th – 16th March 2014 and you can register for it here. Don’t even worry about accommodation! has great listings and are friendly on your pocket too!

Hope you have an amazing time at the Fest and maybe see you there 😉

2 thoughts on “Yoga On The Beach

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