In A State Of…

I haven’t left Nairobi in 3 months and it’s seriously bugging me. I was meant to go camping over the weekend, but I wasn’t able to. Broke as a mofo and still unwell. Didn’t want to aggravate the allergies.

I fell ill on 15th Jan. Went to the doc the following day and he told me that it’s Allergic Rhinitis. Which is like Hay Fever but dust oriented. And so I have to avoid A LOT of stuff which is next to impossible considering I’m brown and live in Kenya! Doc also went on to say I may have Mild Asthma. Not the best news. But glad I know why I’ve been falling ill literally every single month.

Anyway. So not leaving the city, falling ill and working 6 days a week has left me in a state of flatness. Hence I have no inspiration to write as well. Mind you, this topic arose at the end of November 2012. And I still haven’t put a finger on it.

Being in this state of  “flatness” isn’t the best thing (sometimes it is). Not only does it make one lazy, it creates room for chaos.

Flatness is equivalent to boredom.

It will lead to things you never expected to do (alone or with someone). Eg. Drugs, sex, violence, rowdiness and the list goes on.

I have been out every weekend this month and not to mention the weeknights too. It was worrying me at first, because it’s so unlike me to go out so much.

I am in a state of flatness and trust me, I am enjoying it.

At the moment, it doesn’t cost me much money, it’s fun because all I have to do is dance and drink loads of water. It’s also great because I’ve managed to make loads of new connections this month.

Of course there are pros and cons to every choice we make and every situation in life and that totally depends on how you look at it as well.

Being in a state of flatness is a state of thinking how bored you are.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to change it, I won’t deny that I am having challenges with that, especially during the day.

Obviously to be in such a state, something drives you to it. You don’t just land there.

Routine. The same thing over and over again. The same clock in and out. The same people. The same music. The same place. The Same. The Same. The Same.

Human beings are a constant change. We evolve rapidly or as slow as possible. 10 years ago you may have said you’d never do something, and here you are doing exactly that. 5 years ago you may have fallen in love with “the one” and been together for years, but here you are, single.

Perhaps sitting in flatness is actually asking for change. Or even better, adventure. Something to ignite the fire from within.

Extreme sports. A crazy night out. Whatever gives you a natural high.

Again, it all depends on how you look at it. And being aware of it is the first step to collapsing it. Just knowing how to, is the tricky part. Maybe even scary.

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