One Day You’re Here, One Day You’re Gone

A friend of mine’s having some emotional issues. Of course she’s gonna come running to me. I’m those people who give the best advice but never seem to apply my own advice in my life.

It’s love. Of course it is. But she’s still not over him. They dated for 6 years. They cut off 4 years ago. Yea. Imagine that.

It got me thinking though, what exactly are we expecting when we get into a relationship? What exactly are we hoping for? What EXACTLY do want from this person?

It was so simple back in the day. You meet someone, you like them, you know you wanna marry them. How about those successful stories of your parents or grandparents who met on their wedding night? And never left each other until death did them apart.

These days. God. How educated is she? What level of education did she study till? How much does she earn? Can she take care of herself? How many family members does she have? Is she taller than me? Is she fatter than me? Does she drink? Does she smoke? Is she a virgin? Does she party? Does she only hang out with guys?

We’re in an era where men and women are supposed to be looked at as equal.

So she’s been single for 4 years. She’s a great person. Very intellectual. Very sophisticated. Compassionate. Works hard. Well travelled. Can take care of herself.

But can’t seem to date anyone else let alone commit.

I reckon it’s utter bollocks.

If you don’t step out of your comfort zone. If you don’t take that step that you are so scared to take. If you don’t stop listening to that voice at the back of your head (her name’s fear by the way)… You’re never gonna know what amazing things lie ahead. You will never be able to fully express yourself nor be yourself.

Heart broken? Afraid to get hurt again?

Well, once you meet someone and it leads towards dating and then a relationship, you’ve handed them the key… The key to either unlock happiness and unconditional love or the key to lock all your desires and the chance to show your love.

Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is permanent. One day you’re here, one day you’re there, one day you’re gone.

Why people tend to sulk and play victim is beyond me. Sure. It hurts. A lot. I know. But you move on and explore and have fun while at it. Life’s short.

Forget about ex’s. That’s one place you do not want to revisit. They’re an X for a reason. They can be someone else’s problem.

In terms of you’re looking for something particular, it’s out there. You just need to open you heart to let it come through.

But give it a chance when it does. Don’t walk away from it. And even if that doesn’t work out. Pick yourself up again and get out there babe!

It’s the most amazing feeling when you’re in love. And let no person, no distance, no nothing, stop you from loving.

And… Love like you’ve never been hurt before!

2 thoughts on “One Day You’re Here, One Day You’re Gone

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