Know Your Value

I have an insane long term memory, but the worst short term memory.

I’m the kind of person who waves and says hi to any familiar face. I may have met you once, but I will remember where, when and how we may have met. And at times it’s super awkward for the person.

I walked into the bank yesterday morning, and noticed a familiar face. I immediately knew who she was.

While filling in details on the form, I heard her speaking to the teller. Her voice hasn’t changed a bit since high school. I got in the queue and I was opposite her, she could probably see my reflection through the glass.  I haven’t even changed much since high school. She and I never even has issues then. Either way, I turned my face the other way, watching CNN. She was done with the teller, and told the lady in front of me that she could go next. I turned after she walked away.

Maybe it was my sixth sense, felt like she may have looked back twice to see if I would say hi or not.

(Point is she noticed me and knew it was me and didn’t say hi).

I made no new year resolutions. But I told myself that I will do things different this year. And especially after reading this post, even more reason to why you should do stuff differently too. Call it a resolution if you wish.

So not saying hi to this high school “friend” was one thing I did different, and it showed me my value. I lost nothing by not greeting her and gained so much more. More respect for myself for that matter.

If someone doesn’t want to know you, why should you want to know them? Winning someone over is not what life is about. Trying to make sure everyone likes you will make you the most miserable person ever. I know plenty of people like that and must admit, I was one of them at some point.

It’s one of those, if you let go of someone and they come back, they belonged to you. If not, they’re someone’s problem now.

I only recently learnt that being nice is actually annoying.

You’d rather have someone hate on you for all the right reasons than have someone like you for all the wrong reasons.

Also, what people think of you is not your problem. Its theirs.

As long as you know your value, your beliefs, your rules, and know where your barriers are, then you’re good to go, sweetheart!

3 thoughts on “Know Your Value

  1. A.a Sadia thanks for this post it has really helped me..I must confess that am such a people’s pleaser n if i was in our shoe that time i would have said “hi”..but now i understand..Its not my responsibility to make each and eveyone’s day but rather just being me..shukran

  2. Perfectly indited written content, regards for entropy. “The last time I saw him he was walking down Lover’s Lane holding his own hand.” by Fred Allen.

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