Word Play

My laptop’s on the verge of crashing. So I haven’t turned it on in days. Afraid that I’ll lose important data that I haven’t backed up. It’s been driving me a little insane mentally considering I have limited access to the internet and stuff. My music. My incomplete post for the Year 2013. But also made me realize how dependant I really am on my laptop. A machine.

Though, here I am… Sitting on my bed typing this post off my BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry that I have had since 27th August 2011. The same phone that’s got enough scratches on its screen but still in good condition. Other than the random days it decides to hang and I’d have to pull the battery to restart it and have it working again.

Work. Working through the holidays. It was a choice. A good one I gather. Had already decided as early as October that I won’t be going out of Nairobi this NYE. Second NYE in Nairobi in a row. 2010 going into 2011 and 2011 going into 2012 were both spent on the shores of Diani Beach. But those two experiences made me realize why I shouldn’t do that again. Why would you leave Nairobi for a vacation only to go and find the rest of Nairobi there? Not much of a vacation I’d say. And besides everything is stupidly expensive during this season.

The festive season. It’s been interesting. Been weeks since all you hear is Christmas Carols, everywhere you go. The decorations. The atmosphere.

The atmosphere. It’s nice. Not as much traffic, but mind you, Nairobi is still rather busy for December. But nice to be able to see faces you don’t always get see and are usually hidden in the massive crowd.

Crowds. I’m slowly turning into an introvert. It’s a little scary but at the same time I quite like it. Understanding myself better, evolving from within. And spending time with family and friends.

Friends. Most aren’t even in the country. Others are at the coast. Majority you’re not even sure if they deserve that title anymore. But hey! That is life!

Life. How twisted has this year been? I think everyone’s been through one major hurdle if not 2 or 3. Especially emotionally. It’s been a year of tests. Testing your faith and patience.

Patience. You reach a point where you just want to give up. Let go. Just forget it all and start over. But it’s never that easy. Too many consequences lie ahead.

Ahead. The future. 2014. A toast to a better year!

2 thoughts on “Word Play

  1. Don’t worry about the data cherie… Unless the drive experiences physical damage (laptop dropping from 3FT or more) or someone drills holes through it, most data recovery processes are surprisingly simple. The time taken will depend on mainly your hard drives age, make and model. The rest is easy šŸ™‚

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