Day 27 – #NaBloPoMo

“You can wait for the opportunity, or you can create your own opportunity” the wise words of one Darrin Amirian – My high school mate.

All of a sudden my Facebook’s been booming with friends starting up their own companies. Smart, unique ideas and working for themselves. Mate from Washington, who’s now living in Kenya, Jason Eisen, has come up with this brilliant idea… Maramoja Transport Ltd. Learn about this fantastic new company here

On the other hand my friend, Ian Cox, has Lorry Boys Ltd. Started yonks ago but built such a huge, brilliant brand and is still going strong!

You walk around town and find the most interesting things. Kiosks on the side, hawkers going about, with amazing, creative displays of whatever! You scroll through Facebook and you find online stores and guaranteeing free delivery within a certain time.

People who travel out to different parts of the world and come back with stuff in BULK to sell of to colleagues, family and friends, and sell it at a huge profit.

Basically, having your own thing is a necessity in this day and age, especially in Kenya.

The wages and salaries don’t suffice and hence people tend to venture out or do extra hours for overtime cash or have part time jobs.

Kenya works on survival mode, which needs to change.

People need to also help each other. Help me, help you. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

I won’t say that’s exactly what the Green Breakfast Club is about. But it’s similar. We exchange resources. We have your Gives and Wants and create a huge networking link for people from all sorts of walks to come and listen to Failure stories that led to Success. And you’re in this same room with another 50 people, who are currently trying to start something. Looking for a job, or want to connect with people in similar fields.

Become an entrepreneur. Start that little thing you’ve always wanted to do. Funding’s the issue right? Banks give loans. Ask your family. Your extended family. Not willing to help? Knock on your friends door. Envious of you? Dammit. Go start a harambe!

Make your dream come true. Do whatever it takes, and never stop. There WILL be set backs. You also have to be willing to re-adjust your strategy and be flexible with time and space. Things ALWAYS fall into place. ALWAYS.

You just have to be willing to take the first… Little… Yet risky… Step.


I’m taking part in the National Blog Posting Month! I’ve committed to posting something everyday till the 30th of November! Hope you enjoy the absolute random reads and would love feedback too! Feel free to drop a comment at the bottom.

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