Day 25 – #NaBloPoMo


Kenya Nights 4th Anniversary and Riz's Official Birthday Party

On 24th November, some years ago, this young man, my brother, was born. The innocent, very quiet and shy Rizwan Kenya Nights Logois now the extrovert, fun and very popular “Kenya Nights” guy.

4 years ago, he bought himself a Nikon camera and shot his first event for 6:AM Entertainment, Ultra Violet 2009. And that’s how it kicked off.

They liked his style of taking pictures and he got hired as 6:AM’s Official Photographer.

Years went by and Riz was super excited to be celebrating his 3rd Anniversary. Perfect timing, Riz’s birthday and the Anniversary fall on the dame date and that too on a Saturday in 2012?

Riz decided to go all out and throw a massive party.

His music taste has evolved over the years and now it’s all about UNDERGROUND tunes.

He got a hold of Nadja Lind and the planning and finalization of things began.

It was non-stop planning and late nights and everything else that goes into organizing an event. He had experience from years ago working with Blackstar Entertainment as a teenager, and then 6:AM. Polishing his skills.

Picked up Nadja on the night of the 23rd and they went partying right away! Kenya Nights 3rd Anniversary Cover Photo

The entire day of the 24th went into making sure everything was PERFECT for the massive bash at night. Sound check, decor, staff etc.

The night arrived and boy were we hyped about it. The line up was killer and the crowd was immense and the music was on point!

That was the start of the epic series of Kenya Nights Events!

The first event of 2013 started with Frisky Disco Frisky Disco Cover Photoin February. Everyone had to come out dressed in the 80’s style and groove away to some funky beats.

Good Friday was epic as Riz brought down his second international act Mirella Kroes. Kenya Nights pres. Mirella Kroes Cover PhotoThe night was titled Kenya Nights pres. Mirella Kroes. She was very cool and very chilled out and her music was WOW!

On the photography front, Riz had a lot of “in between’s” to do. Covering Nairobi Live events every Thursday at Tree House. Private openings for restaurants. To name a few.

The next event for Kenya Nights was Groove Cube. Groove Cube Cover PhotoThis was such a funky fresh night. And what made this night epic had to be the line up. The DJ SET by Just A Band’s Blinky Bill and NairobiDhobi had to have been the highlight of the night.

2 weeks later Tree House Entertainment booked a flight for Thibo Tazz. Thibo Tazz at Tree House Cover PhotoRiz handled the event in terms of organizing and photography, even though it was not a Kenya Nights event. Not only was Thibo Tazz at Tree House an epic event,  Thibo Tazz and Iit remains a highlight for me this year (because he’s so damn looking and so down to earth! 😛 )

After that event, Riz buggered off to Sweden and Amsterdam to experience one of the biggest festivals ever, AWAKENINGS. Where he had an absolutely epic time! When he came back to Kenya, Ramadhan was about to start, which means, time to take a chill pill.

On 17th August, Kenya Nights threw the BIGGEST party yet.The All White Party Cover Photo Riz brought down his 3rd International act Culoe De Song. I have never danced that hard for that long in my life. The All White Party was an absolute hit and the music was on another level. Here’s the video to the event that will give you an idea 😉

One Night In.. BerlinAgain, a lot of in-between’s for other companies and private events before Riz decided to host another event in October this year. Kenya Nights One Night In.. Berlin had to have been the craziest party I attended, one it was the first time I got out after the Westgate attack and two it was filled with Germans!!!

The following weekendKenya Nights Tree House Take Over was a long weekend and nothing was really going down but Riz decided he’s gonna Take Over 😉 He came up with the event 6 hours before it was show time and it went down pretty well!

Riz threw 3 parties 3 weekends in a row! The Kenya Nights Pre-loween Party was a low-key yet fabulous party, hosted at a secret location!

And now… As we’ve crossed over into the 4th year since Kenya Nights was born, we’re celebrating this Friday, 29th November at the place it all began!

Kenya Nights 4th Anniversary and Riz's Official Birthday PartyIf you had plans for Friday, 29th November, I reckon you should CANCEL them and come on over and celebrate KENYA NIGHTS 4TH ANNIVERSARY! And wish Riz a Happy Birthday as well!

The line up includes:

BLINKY BILL [The Just A Band Legend]
JEAN MARIE [French Connection]
JASON BOVA [Special Guest from San Francisco]
MAX MELESI [Kenya Nights]
ERIK [French Connection / Kenya Nights]

Entrance is just Kshs 1,000 [Gate Tickets Only]

Make sure you like the Kenya Nights Page on Facebook. You can follow on Twitter. Also, if you’re a DJ and have some epic mixes, like Kenya Nights Podcast and drop your links there and you may just get asked to feature on the Kenya Nights Podcast Volume Series 😉

See you on the dance floor this Friday at Tree House for the KENYA NIGHTS 4TH ANNIVERSARY!


I’m taking part in the National Blog Posting Month! I’ve committed to posting something everyday till the 30th of November! Hope you enjoy the absolute random reads and would love feedback too! Feel free to drop a comment at the bottom.

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