Day 23 – #NaBloPoMo

Towards the end of November 2012, a “new name in the industry” was being marketed. New Kid On The Block, Usman RehmanThe hype that this new name has been working with Rishi Rich – was obviously a big deal. PR Managers went all out, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,

E-mail shoots… Name it.

On 8th January 2013, I got an e-mail saying “Please find attached the requested new single ‘Jadon Holi Jai’ by Usman Rehman featuring Rishi Rich”. The remake of Noor Jehan’s song became a hit worldwide, including Kenya.

A couple of days after the release of the track, they started teasing us with the trailer

of the video to the debut single.

On 22nd January, they dropped the official video of

‘Jadon Holi Jai’ by Usman Rehman featuring Rishi Rich.

On 28th January, Young Archie released the dance version of ‘Jadon Holi Jai’

which is still a big dance floor number!

I started interacting online with Usman and it was brilliant to hear what a down to Earth and chilled out person he is. He’s always been very humble and modest and shies away when people compliment him. Yet at the same time, he stands his ground where needed and says it how it is.

The “Majajan” hype began at the beginning of June on social media. The second single by Usman Rehman and this was gonna be a big one as it was shot in L.A 

and so the studio diaries began.

Counting down days, hours and minutes to the studio diaries. Everyone in huge anticipation to hear a little part of it, to understand the story behind “Majajan” and why it’s such a big deal.

A week later, Studio Diary Part 2

dropped and this one shook some walls, maybe even the ground.

Ramadhan was round the corner and the date of the release for Majajan was still not announced. They decided to wait till after Ramadhan to release he track. Usman Rehman "Street Team"The incredible part about the wait for the release was, how they kept the hype on without doing much. Simply asking fans to make this their profile or cover photo and being part of the “Street Team”. And it actually worked!

On 6th/7th July, Manchester and the rest of the UK were enjoying their summer, and the Mela’s were never ending. Usman had the opportunity to perform at one of the Mela’s where he actually performed Majajan! Videos circulated via phones sharing the few minutes and girls going crazy, waiting impatiently for the song to get on to their iPod’s and phones. He performed, 3 tracks. All 3, HIS.

In the mean time, online on social media and otherwise, the hype carried on

Young Archie was even more so excited as he produced the track and Usman is under his label Boiler Room Records Ltd.

After Ramadhan the release date for “Majajan” was out. 29th August. And I honestly have never seen such a hype ever.

Being in the industry for over 11 years, I sat there thinking “this is gonna be big!”

On 15th August, their PR got in touch with me and we fixed a date for when I will interview Usman. Lucky me. It was ON the date of the release!

2.47AM Kenyan time, I received the single. Soon as I got to work, I downloaded the track and got the breakfast presenters on East FM, Aleem and Seema, to play the track! First play in Kenya, First play in AFRICA!!! The track must have played 5 times on the day of the release and the interview with Usman went great and aired during the Drive Time show the same day.

The hype didn’t even end there! The video was out the next day!


This magical duo, who are like brothers from other mothers, created a huge wave in the industry. Everyone’s talking about them and it’s obviously an amazing feeling when someone wants to take a picture with you (or when a girl throws her bra at you at a concert 😉 )  or wants an autograph. What I love about these young lads is how chilled they are, and how humble they are. All they ask for is your duas and blessings.

Remember I mentioned earlier that Usman sang 3 of HIS songs at the Mela?

Did you really think the year would end with JUST Majajan? 😉

“Dil Lutiya” is Young Archie‘s come back single and Usman Rehman featured on it.Dil Lutiya Cover Photo I immediately got in touch with Archie saying, Interview! Set it up! And we did. It was an honor to have been his first interview for the track and great speaking to him about the process and the future. The track was set to release on the 21st of November.

Me being on leave, got the track and immediately forwarded the track to the station and the interview with Archie aired at 5.30PM Kenyan time, complimented with Dil Lutiya as the highlight of the interview.

It’s still a huge hype and the track is brilliant!

All I can say is, support this awesome duo and watch out, as bigger and better things are gonna be coming to us from them!

PS. The Dil Lutiya Voice Over – is me 😛


I’m taking part in the National Blog Posting Month! I’ve committed to posting something everyday till the 30th of November! Hope you enjoy the absolute random reads and would love feedback too! Feel free to drop a comment at the bottom.

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  1. About the video links, I went to individual links for each video, but it seemed to have picked up the “play all” option instead. Will try and rectify that. In the mean time, maybe you can work backwards on the play all option to get a gist of the progress. Thanks.

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