Day 21 – #NaBloPoMo

They say it takes 21 – 40 days to create or break a habit. 21 days of posts. Still don’t think it’s become a habit but it feels weird when a whole day may have gone by and I haven’t written something. So I suppose it’s slowly weaving its way in, even though I SORT OF slipped on Day 19 😛

A lot of people have been asking me “so what’s your big plan for your leave” not realizing that I AM on leave! And haven’t actually done much. My travel plans didn’t work out and I was thinking to myself about that the other day that it’s SO STRANGE how when I PLAN something it never really works out. But out of nowhere, a random weekend will come up and some awesome trip to some place in Kenya pops out of no where! THOSE are the most amazing moments. The unplanned ones.

I guess it’s like unexpected relationships too. Something you never thought of, someone you’ve probably never met before, but you connect instantly and boom! You’re dating! Or random people on a random night out and over a couple of drinks, you’re hanging out with this group every single weekend.

The lesson is, not to plan, but to have a guide line. To create milestones, and having a basic idea of what to do. Not EXACTLY what to do.

My mantra: Nothing’s permanent, everything’s temporary.

People will come, people will go. Life is a continuous shift. Change occurs every single day, every single second. Within and around you. Your body cells, your hair, your face. Your skin changes every 28 days, your kidneys every 5 years and your bones every 10 years. Imagine the impact of your every single move for the next 10 years.

When people tell you, you are what you eat, they damn well mean it! You’re gonna have cheesy, weak, slimy bones in 10 years if you keep at that pizza diet. You’re gonna be on a dialysis machine if you keep at those burgers. Need I go on.

Take a break, from what’s around you, every single day, for half an hour, and just be with yourself. Understand your body, understand your life, your purpose, your surroundings. Create something for yourself for your ultimate goal.

It’s not about PLANNING, it’s about having a draft. Like when architects draw a blue print of what a house is supposed to look like, but when they start building, a few changes here and there occur.

Again nothing’s permanent. So don’t be so hard on yourself when things don’t work out the way you want them to. It doesn’t work out because it wasn’t meant to and something better’s on the way 🙂

And like Anne Troughton always says… Just smile and wave!


I’m taking part in the National Blog Posting Month! I’ve committed to posting something everyday till the 30th of November! Hope you enjoy the absolute random reads and would love feedback too! Feel free to drop a comment at the bottom.

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