Day 20 – #NaBloPoMo

My phone’s BARELY rang this week. I find that so unusual. And funny enough, the only two messages I got today (no it was not Safaricom) was from Sylvia King, updating me with The East African Safari Classic Rally (EASCR)  that kicks off tomorrow from the White Sands Hotel in Mombasa!

I MISS RALLIES!!!!!!!!!!!

My goal for this year was sort of set. 8 counties in Kenya, without a doubt! And I will achieve it through covering the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC).

Heck, soon as I got my year planner, I filled in ALL the motorsports related dates! Autocross, Motorcross, Enduro, Rally Raid and the KNRC!

January – Kajiado, April – Nyeri, May – Voi, June – Nakuru, July – Rift Valley, August – Kisumu, October – Soysambu, Novemebr – Mombasa.

I only managed 3 of those 8 this year! But I won’t deny, it’s SO MUCH FUN!

Gosh! From the start of the day! Pack your ruck-sack, make sure you’ve got enough water, phones charged, sunscreen lotion handy, shades and cap, good pair of sporty shoes and jeans and a t-shirt! Ready, set… Fly off! Chopper ride courtesy of ALS Aviation to the

Ariel shot of the Voi Rally Service Park

service park. In the middle of where all cars come in for whatever sort of servicing it may need. Chat with crews. Chat with drivers and navigators. Hang out with friends. Spectate at Super Special Stages. The ITCH to find out the time on each car and who’s leading which section. Ahhhhhh! I flipping miss it!

The dust, the odd tans, the heat, the roaring engines, the ridiculous drunk spectators and the stupidity they get up to. The almost flips,

and the reason why someone’s National Champion.

I made so many friends at the rallies. I did so much networking. It reached a point where I had the honor of flagging off carsKSK_5134 at the start of the Voi Rally. Of course credit goes to the ALS Aviation team for making the experience even more incredible.

Got to give the biggest thanks to East FM

Me taking pictures and videos at the Super Special Stage in Voi - May 2013
Me taking pictures and videos at the Super Special Stage in Voi – May 2013

for giving me the opportunity to cover the rallies. It taught me so much in terms of reporting and just gained so many skills while at it.

I can hear engines roaring in my neighborhood (by the way, for some odd reason I can’t change my language to English UK and it’s stuck to US, hence the odd spellings. I just let it be as the underlines in red really annoys me, OCD) almost every single day. Baldev Chaggar’s workshop is quite busy hey! Makes me want to run over there and say PLEASE!!! Take me for the test ride!!! He still owes me a test ride though.

The first ever rally car that I sat in was the

Rally Queens Ford Escort at the Safari Rally 2012
Rally Queens Ford Escort at the Safari Rally 2012

Ford Escort that the Rally Queens drove during the KNRC.

Now these lovely ladies, are one of 60 Classic cars that are taking part in the EASCR.

Rally Queens Car for The EACSR 2013 / Picture by CMoncy
Rally Queens Porsche 911for The EASCR 2013 / Picture by CMoncy

They got a new car, the Porsche 911! It’s a SWEET car!

Wanna wish Samira Khan and Chantal Young all the best for the Classic Rally and hope they finish! It’s a long route! 4,200 Kilometers! Starting in Mombasa, going into Arusha – Tanzania, coming back to the Rift Valley and finishing it in Mombasa! 9 long days ahead of them and the other 59 teams!

Honestly wish I could have gone out into the bush, 10 days of back-packing and following one of the most anticipated rallies of the year! I may just check it out this weekend though, when they come down to the Rift and you know… show some support 😉


I’m taking part in the National Blog Posting Month! I’ve committed to posting something everyday till the 30th of November! Hope you enjoy the absolute random reads and would love feedback too! Feel free to drop a comment at the bottom.

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