The Roads To Crime

Have you read or watched “The Secret”? Yes? No? Ok… Doesn’t really matter as the point I’m going to make will be pretty clear. Have you ever been in a situation where when you DON’T want something to happen, it actually DOES happen? It’s part of the “Law of Attraction”. Whatever you think, good or bad, and especially over and over again, you actually DO attract towards you.


I always hear of robberies and carjacking in Westlands and Parklands and would always say, lucky that this stuff doesn’t happen in the Lavington area. Until the bypass opened up.


On 10th September 2013, I read this post: a couple of minutes later an incident that occurred with one Fatima Abdi in the Lavington/Hurlinghum area was posted on Facebook as well. All I could think of at that point was all the boda-boda’s that chill outside Lavingtion Green every day. And they’re in gangs of 20’s, maybe even more.


On 11th September 2013, I had a long day at work. My mum picked me up at around 7PM. Made a few stops before getting home. It was around half 7 by the time we got to our road. First of all, matatu’s always terrorize the entrance thinking it’s a bus stop and block your way till people get on board and then take off. So yet again, a matatu had blocked the entire entrance, so one wouldn’t even be able to pass. There was no stima either. And all I could see was dust way ahead, as the headlights light the road, people running and people gathered on the side of the entrance of the road, a car with hazard lights on and people gasping and talking. I told mum to roll up her window straight away! Making way to our gate, the askari’s wouldn’t open. Soon as they realized it was us and ok to open up, they unlocked the padlock and let us in and shut the gate behind us real fast. I thought that was very unusual.


Mum being mum, went and asked what was going on. Turns out, a lady was buying salt at the kiosk, the car with the hazard lights on was a stolen car with two guys with guns. They got her to get into her car and drove off. The owner of the first stolen vehicle arrived at the scene and got his car back.


While chatting with a friend in the UK, he goes, hold on a second. There’s been an incident! “Car jacked from St Georges near Mountain View and abandoned in Lavington. Motor vehicle Harrier, Black”. The chills I got and the shock I was in, I can’t begin to explain.


Couple of minutes later another report came in saying “Lady and car abandoned on Chalbi Drive, and are now reporting at Muthangari Papa Sierra”. Another update later stated “ Carjacks after driving with the victim for a short distance robbed Kshs. 200/- she had in her possession and alighted. The victim drove to Muthangari Police Station where she reported the incident”.


Is it just me or have robberies and crimes increased this year? Thinking from a criminal’s point of view… They’re starving, aren’t they? And the easiest way for them to get some milk and bread is to rob someone? I mean, you tell me to get a job, where am I gonna get one from when there are no job vacancies? The new roads are brilliant, so many ways to get away and hide after terrorizing someone. I’m not gonna sit at a desk from 8-5 just so the same government who’s increased the VAT on practically everything, have them take a cut out of my salary as well, when it’s just so much easier to take it off someone else who’s willing to work their butts off for the same thing I want. To feed my family.


It all falls back on the government and what they’re gonna do about it. But from the looks of it though, these crime rates, are only get worse and higher.

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