Good meowing!

A quick short story about my morning today. First of all, when’s this cold gonna end? I can’t continue doing 1 hour snoozes. Makes me feel lazier than I really am.

Getting ready for work and then receive a text from a client saying ad approved. One I was in absolute shock but extremely happy at the same time, knowing that something you’ve been working on for days is finally approved!

Heading on to James Gichuru Road and a slow song was playing in the car, Aja Soniya by Sabrina and then all of a sudden, in between the song “meow”. Ok, that was a loud cat. Singing along to the song and “meow”… Huh? Turn the volume down and “MEOW”. There’s a flippin cat in the engine!!!

Was literally round the corner from a fuel station, so turned in and popped the engine hood, and the cutest little, multicolored kitty popped its head out like those “smack the weasel” games. It probably got scared, so it wouldn’t come out. Fuel attendant suggested to go over to the tire pressure area and maybe gently “pressure it out”. Driving from the fuel pump to the tire pressure spot, the wittle kitty got out.

It was just so cute!

But now I feel bad, because it’s been cold, so it took shelter in the car engine to keep itself warm, and now it’s far away from home. Even though it’s a stray cat, at least it knew our compound is home.

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