Live In The Now

Less than a month to my birthday and it’s one of those things that you have to sit back and reflect on. How the past one year has gone by. Obviously a lot has changed. One thing that’s for sure is how I have become stronger mentally and emotionally. There are things that I have learnt to let go of, things that I have grown to love and taken responsibility for.

They keep saying life’s too short… You could be 70 and saying that, but it wouldn’t make sense to you because you’re speaking to a 70 year old. That’s a flipping long time to live. But that’s not the point. There’s this quote that keeps popping up once in a while: “When one passes on, did they really live their life to their full potential?” You could be 70, but did you really live?

We’re all so stuck in the past or so focused on the future that we forget to live in the present. I know you’ve probably read something similar time and time again, but people wouldn’t be writing these kinds of things if it hasn’t hit home!

It could be in whatever situation, your relationship, your job, your child… Appreciate the moments as they happen. You’re gonna regret it later. That why you never took out a minute to listen to your child even though what they want to show you is a discolored leaf they found in the backyard but it fascinated them, it’s science that you could have taught them in that moment, where your child could have benefited from perhaps in class or as a boost of knowledge around their friends, why you never listened to your boss’s hidden cry for help when they over load you with work, because that not only improves your skills but also trains you to become a better leader, why you didn’t pay attention to the little details in your relationship, like sending a simple good morning or good night text, because perhaps that’s what reassures them that you are there even though you don’t communicate for the rest of the day…

A quote by Bill Watterson: If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I bet they would live a lot differently.

Time flies. Pretty damn fast. We miss out on appreciating and acknowledging the smallest things, the smallest details in any part of our lives.

We need to learn to stop ourselves. Not the clock. The clock does not stop ticking for no one. It is you who needs to learn how to manage your time. Manage your thoughts. Manage your relationships.

Smile at a stranger, smiles are contagious. That stranger may be going through a rough time, and to be able to put a smile on his or her face, will probably change their mood for the rest of the day. Give to charity. Buying a loaf of bread or a packet of milk or even a bottle of water for someone who cannot afford it is a just plain human.

Look into your heart, your soul… For it to have peace, you have got to live in the now.

Sure whatever happened last year was horrible, or amazing, but that’s not the point. Everything that’s happened in the past year has made me whom I am today. And I cannot dwell about it or wish for some things to repeat, because it was an amazing experience. It will live as a memory, but I have to appreciate what it taught me and how I benefitted from it.

I can only better my now so my future betters itself. Of course you have to have some sort of plan. I’m not saying don’t think about the future. Everything we do now, affects our future. But don’t get so caught up in the midst of it that you forget to live now.

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