Rain In The City

I’ve been unwell this entire week. Obviously God’s way of saying… You had an awesome weekend, now suffer! (Nah, I take that back, I just don’t take good care of myself). So I’ve had an awful flu. And it usually takes me down like an anchor. Just so grateful that I didn’t get the usual cough that comes with it and lasts 3 weeks!


So being ill has made me: dozy, clumsy, and forgetful (more than usual), lazy and the list can just go on.


It’s been COLD in Nairobi for the past few days… And it only seems to be getting worse… Part of the reason why I fell sick.


Yesterday, my mum and I were stuck in traffic for over an hour. It usually takes me 20 minutes from home to work without traffic. With traffic, tops 40 minutes, after making some stops. I didn’t mind it yesterday, but today was another story altogether!


Mum sent me a text saying she’s still on her way back from work and that I should take a cab home. Left work at around 6PM. Must have gotten to my area at half 6 and then there’s that one particular turn off that I wasn’t ready for. That’s where mum and I got stuck for at least 45 minutes yesterday… Now remember, we’re in the middle of the month, pockets are empty! So I wasn’t gonna sit in a cab just to get home with a bigger bill to pay… Told the cab, dude, take a right and go back to Westlands, I’ll walk home… Do you know what he said? “But what about your hair?!” I wanted to laugh… But I just said, “it’s hair… It’ll dry”.


So I walked home, in the rain… No umbrella, as it didn’t even occur to me that it could possibly rain today. However, we did see it coming at around 4PM when we were at the office. Got home completely drenched!


I just hope I don’t catch pneumonia or something now. Trying to keep warm!


Now, I usually never complain, let alone blog about this kind of stuff but SERIOUSLY! What is it with RAIN and SLOW TRAFFIC? On top of it all, all the damn road works going on, that’s supposed to EASE traffic is CAUSING all the traffic! I have lost count of how long it’s been since it all started. But I’ll tell you what… I cannot WAIT for it to all end!


Ok vent done 🙂


Food for thought: YOU ARE TRAFFIC!

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