Face Time

You pop up on my news feed whenever I log on to Facebook. I don’t go through profiles, but I’ll scroll down my home page just to see what’s happening. What new YouTube video to check out, what exhilarating article to read… An update about how you’re feeling today, a few motivational quotes…

But then I realize, we are “friends” on Facebook. When was the last time we ever had a chat? Agreed to meet up for a coffee and never did? These things usually would bother me. But it no longer does. I am here. For you. Whenever you need me. But I can’t let you take that for granted either. My time is valuable. I have things that need to get done.

And maybe that’s why people communicate more online these days? Because they’re just so busy? Technology has made life slightly easier but it has also torn relationships apart and made people anti-social, in person. You may be an over-enthusiast on social media, but how good are your skills in person too? You’re hiding behind a screen. What happens when you come face-to-face?

Take out the time to meet the ones you love and appreciate every now and then. Give a genuine hug to a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Say a genuine warm hello to someone you know but don’t keep in touch with. Otherwise, just smile and wave and delete them from your Facebook account.

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