From The Gleek

6th March 2012… The day I signed my contract at Radio Africa Limited

13th May 2012… The day I landed my first show on XFM

10th July 2012… The day I landed my first show on East FM

*Time Travel*

7th July 2011… The day I sat down with my current boss asking her for a position as a radio presenter at East FM


Unbelievable, right?


Well… Believe it.


The ultimate point of success or great achievement was to join East FM. Something I only merely dreamt of. But as soon as I started taking some actions towards making it happen… It eventually manifested.


In 2009… I watched The Secret for the first time. And I was mind blown. The one thing that you sort of learn is that, if there’s something big you want that isn’t tangible, you have to believe in it and it will happen. Giving up only tells the universe to take it all back when you were ye close!


So I’ve been watching a lot of Glee recently. First, it was only because I finished watching Suits and the next season isn’t out till end of September. But I absolutely love music, and Glee got my attention.


Most of the songs are so XFM material. And even though Glee is very high school material, it is relate-able in a work environment.


From bullying, to fitting in, to stresses, love and so much more. You never seem to not go through the same phases that you went through in high school, even when you start working in a new environment or better yet, college or university.


As an individual, you then still have your dreams, wanting to be the star that shines the brightest. But hey… so does everyone else. While watching Glee, in your life at the moment, you can point out each character that you actually know of at your work place.


I’m not going to say that it’s taught me any lessons. I mean aside me during The Remedy thinking “OMG! That is such a Glee song” there aren’t any lessons aside “AHA!” moments!


Like… You just cannot be friends with your ex. You can live and breathe in the same environment, but ask them to hang out? *awkward* Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from believing you want to be. There will ALWAYS be competition. And the funniest bit about that is, you may not think you are competition, but the other person definitely will. You have your goal, you must get to it. If they bully you, you’ve just gotta get up, shake it off and hit them back harder, and not with your fist! But with your morality. If you like someone, please just go and tell them before it’s too late. The worst that could happen is them saying “I’m just not into you like that” or the best thing could happen and you’re an item.


I’m not saying… and I mean it with every ounce of blood in my body, that your life can only be fulfilled by another human being. It can only be fulfilled by you, as a whole. You are everything, within yourself…You ARE love. You are beautiful, compassionate, a leader, a friend… You are happiness.


Whatever it is that you are in search of… All I can say is, just don’t give up on it. As run down, and broken, and hurt you may be… You have to believe that you need to keep on believing.

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