Dude… Wait, what time’s your show?

Whenever someone asks me where I am at around 11AM or sometime in the AM, and I say I’m at work… The first question always is, wait, what time’s your show?

So let’s clear the air about what I do during the day.

You know those ads you hear on air? On Kiss 100 or Classic 105 or XFM or (mostly) East FM? They don’t just pop out of nowhere. Someone cracks their head for hours to get a “selling” concept, a script, and then give it to the client to approve. If the client doesn’t like it, you’re back at cracking your head again for a bigger and better idea. That person is called a copy writer.

Now once the script is approved, it’s given to someone else to turn that piece of paper into sound. That right there is a producer.

These two fall under the Creative Department. And so I am a copy writer and a producer during the day on weekdays… (And cat-woman by night! Meeeoooowwwww!!!)

Coming back to being a presenter…

I love the misconception that people have of radio presenters. They think, oh you go on air and do your thing for 2-3-4 hours and then bugger off.

THAT actually pisses off presenters. You think all that we say just comes up as we’re speaking to you? Dude… NO! I mean sure, sometimes we have our spontaneous moments. Actually, most of them are but… We sit for at least an hour, before the show or sometime during the day, laying out the entire program. Each hour has a structure, each link has a style.

Also segging (segmenting)! Making sure that the radio drops don’t overlap part of a song when the lyrics kick in or over an advert or something. You know like when you hear Rich say “105.5 XFM, More Rock More Hits”, Wouldn’t you hate it if he said that when Taylor Swift starts singing “I knew you were trouble when you walked in”?! Or if Adam says “East FM, Kenya’s Premier Asian Mix” as Adnan Sami goes into the peak lyrics of Tera Chera?! No, right?!

Being a presenter definitely is a lot of fun. You make it so much fun for us actually, but it also can suck the life out of you. It’s NOT something that you can decide to become over night. Just because it sounds easy, how about you get behind the mic and give it a shot? You’d probably piss your pants or start sweating the moment that red light goes on!

So that’s about it. Copy writer and producer during the day. Live on East FM on Tuesday nights from 9-11PM and Sunday’s on XFM from 3-6PM. Not to mention the multiple voice-overs I do for adverts that run across the Radio Africa Limited stations and yea… Being cat-woman when no one’s looking!

9 thoughts on “Dude… Wait, what time’s your show?

  1. Nice piece…you forgot:
    1. Music prep: where we give the illusion that we know EVERYTHING about the songs we play off the top of our heads
    2. The irritating caller: usually one that either ‘stalks’ or ‘hates’. Either way, its a drag.
    3. The Program Controller, who is usually mandated to make your life a living hell (Sadia has it easy at East!)
    4. For some of us, the STUPID timings (4.30 am wake-up…like, seriously? Even the Sun is still planning out its day at that time!)

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