Auf Wiedersehen… 2012

So you’re alive and reading this because the world didn’t end in 2012! In fact experts believe that they read the Mayan Calender upside down… An excuse they probably found for predicting it wrong? So 5105 eh? Never mind. Another year gone and wow. What a year it’s been!

2012 I believe, as soon as we ushered it in, on the shores of Diani Beach, was my year! To achieve goals and make things happen for me. I won’t get into detail about how my first 2 days of the year was spent, I’ll just let you read this —><— after you’re done reading this! Hehe.

Somehow or the other, mum and Aunty Mary, manage to celebrate their birthday together. We had a lovely family lunch that day. And funny enough, I received a text from Jasmine at East FM wishing mum, and then mentioning that they’re looking for someone in Creative and if I knew of anyone to let her know. I thought to myself, I wouldn’t apply for a position in Creative and let it be. On that Sunday I went to hang out with Taz at Jaffrey’s Sports Club as Sajjad was playing and Taz and I had to catch up. On 9th Jan, I was back on air with Dj SAK on Co-Drive on Sound Asia FM. Sound Asia FM had a change of management and a lot of new people were being hired and I had to do some training for them too. Dj Pink was down from London and we met up and also did an interview with him on Co-Drive. That was pretty cool (Listen here: After a not seeing them for a month, Kunjan, Rahul, Saagar and I met up and went bowling on the 21st. the following weekend I met up with Kamal Kaur for a girly lunch at Onami. First time trying Sushi! Hehe. Thereafter, met up with Anjlee for a coffee and had Aneez join us for a drink too at Art Caffe, Westgate. That was a good weekend!

After not having a burger from Burger Hut in a really long time, met up with Sam Dave and the gang on the 4th of Feb. Then later on spent the afternoon with Sam and Devna at their place. February was an important month for SAK as he was bringing down Jassi Sidhu and Bups Saggu! On the 8th of February, I had the honor of doing a solo interview with Bups on Co-Drive (Listen here: The next day I had a lunch with Aman Bansal, a friend from the UK that I hadn’t really met but had many mutual friends and kept in touch on Facebook. We went to the same school at one point. I was catching the cold and was on a non-alcohol Hot Toddy for the next few days! February was a weird month for me. I was getting job offers from left, right and centre! I got a call from Kunjan saying; please apply for the Creative position at East FM. And gave me a million reasons to why I should. The task and part of the application was that I had to write a script of about 40 seconds selling myself. I sat in front of the computer and couldn’t get myself to write anything and ignored it. Also, I had an interview with a bank on the 10th which actually went really well. They said they’d give me a call the following week. The same day, shortly after, some random guy that I had met a long time ago offered me to be the Marketing Director for a company that deals with Real Time television work. Anyway! So… 11th Feb was the biggest event of 2012 for sure! Jassi Sidhu smashed it! And Bups Saggu’s set had the crowd dancing till late. Thereafter they went to the VIP after party which I skipped because I was really feeling unwell. Next morning we wake up to news that our work mate had a bad accident and is in hospital. Rushed to MP Shah Hospital to find Jeet in the hospital bed unable to move! Really really sad. Irfan, one of the guys I was training at Sound Asia, and I became good friends and would Visit Jeet together. On Monday 20th, I got an e-mail from Jasmine asking me to send her my application as she was reaching a deadline. I said f**k it! Wrote a quick script and sent it to her with my CV attached and forgot about it. The next day I had to meet the head of the bank for the finalization of the employment. And due to some personal issues, I had to turn the job down. Maybe a good thing because I got a phone call from HR of Radio Africa the same day saying you have an interview tomorrow. Tomorrow arrives! And the interview was a nightmare. They DRILLED me!!! But apparently I did well and got a call back from HR the next day saying please come over again. I had a meeting with Mr P the same day regarding an Events Company we were meant to start together. We finalized everything. All that was left was to sign a contract! Friday morning I visit the Radio Africa HR to finalize things as well. But then I wasn’t too sure anymore. Clever me, decides to call the Sound Asia FM manager and tell her what’s going on and ask her to bump up my salary. She’s like let me speak to the boss and I’ll let you know. Saturday, 25th February, I hosted Saturday Breakfast with Irfan. Thereafter we went to visit Jeet. I get a phone call from the Sound Asia manager saying… Listen, what have you decided? I said… I’m gonna stick around. She goes. Oh. Ok. Well, I spoke to the boss and SAK and we think it’s best if you leave! *SHOCK ON ME*! So I swallow my pride and say ok. So today was my last show then? Yup! Irfan and I go to Java, Junction for lunch and he was the first person I told about the sudden East FM news. He was thrilled for me. Think I went home and told mum after that. Later at night Kunjan, Saagar and I went out to celebrate! 😀 One of the new guys at Sound Asia, Imraan, and I were meant to do a rally together, me the co-driver and him the driver, but I guess because of the move that got cancelled. I met up with a friend on the 28th just to clear my mind up of all that had been going on and she totally motivated me! I spent the leap year, 29th Feb with Irfan. Best bit was, there was a rainbow that day! Irfan was so excited about the leap year that he said I HAVE to do something to make it memorable. So I proposed (AS A JOKE) to Iqbal in the UK. Lol.

1st of March, the biggest change of my life! Make my way at 8AM to Radio Africa and the first person I meet is Fareed Khimani! Hahaha… Wish from my Birthday wish list ticked off! 😛 because the contract wasn’t ready I started work on the 6th of March. Now, in April, I was meant to fly Mike, Iqbal and Mathew down to Nairobi for the premier of their short movie The Pharmacist. So my planning in that started. On the 4th of March, I met Shakil for the first time. After all the tweets, the calls, the Skyping. We finally met. That was so special. It really was. The next day Imraan came to see me as he was in my area. Had a quick chat about the move and all and general stuff too. And then started officially at Radio Africa on the 6th of March! J Super Chef had started that week with East FM so we were busy with that. That Saturday Shakil and I hung out. We went for Pizza, a movie, played pool, had planet yogurt and then went to Tree House for Whistles and Glow Sticks with Labu, Lucky and the gang! The next day Kunjan, Rahul, Amar and I hung out at Al Pasha on Mombasa Road and then went for some Chiking and yogurt at night. Met Rahul’s wife for the first time that night. The next 3 weekends were all about Super Chef! After finishing up for that Saturday, while going home, my bag felt a bit odd. My wallet was missing, so gave it the benefit of the doubt and figured maybe I left it at home as I did switch bags. Get home and I can’t find it! It was stolen… Cancelled all my cards and thought fig it! Started getting ready for Rahul’s reception. Just before heading out I was like! OH! My camera! Go back to my bag and the camera’s gone too. Such a horrible evening. After the reception we dropped Rahul and his wife to Safari Park, where I get a call at 1.30 in the morning from a random guy saying he found my wallet in the bathroom of the restaurant and everything was in it! Went to pick it up the next day but no camera L my 3rd week at Radio Africa and all the “guys” started treating me. Breakfast, chocolates etc. Was so funny! Oh and towards the end of the month I had blood shot eyes! Weird! Oh highlight had to be getting to get a picture with the UEFA Champions League Trophy! There was a tour going on and Kiss TV/Radio Africa had that honor!

April fool’s day was spent in Athi River for the Quotro Charge! Rahul, Saagar, Amar and I had such an awesome time there! They had to leave early and they were my ride, but Shakil managed to convince me to stay. Dude suddenly abandons me and luckily found Irfan! Irfan, Shiv and I hung out for the rest of the day. The next day Irfan tags me in a random picture on Facebook that was taken of me. And I smartly, add the tagger! Aneez and I went for dinner for a catch up that week. So much fun reminiscing about how we met early in the year! Easter soon arrived and Irfan took me out that Thursday. We went to Jamhuri Park really late at night. Went to Shiv’s place for a while. Then smarty pants decided to try a section and we got stuck for a while! Was really scary. Then headed over to Que Pasa where I met Geoff for the first time. Went to Blixens the next day with Irfan, and then met up with Geoff for coffee at Que Pasa. Geoff asked me to movies and dinner on Saturday and that’s when we started dating (PS. Geoff was the tagger). Same month I got my new pair of glasses, a look I thought I could never pull off! Went over to Devna’s the next week for her famous Whole Orange Cake! 😀 Had to do a Skype call with Iqbal to give him the bad news about not being able to do the premier of The Pharmacist in Kenya 😦 Late in April I got stuck in the Lion Place lift! I swear, I thought I was going to be stuck in there forever because those ten minutes felt like eons!!! Lol! Was meant to meet up with Amir and Aman on the last Sunday of April, but I got busy and wasn’t able to. And on 30th April I sent my demo to Pete Sinclair, Group PC of Radio Africa, for a spot on XFM as they were looking for presenters.

Spent Labor Day with Geoff. The next day Pete sat down with me to discuss the way forward on XFM. And got a slot on Sunday’s from 3-6PM! 😀 Went GP Karting with Kunjan, Rahul and Amar guys that Sunday and then got officially introduced to Geoff’s mates at Nish’s kid’s birthday on the 12th. Had my first show on XFM on the 13th of May! Not even gonna talk about that! LOL! But I air every Sunday from 3-6PM on 105.5 XFM! Met Amir and Aman at Art Caffe, Westgate that evening. Had tonsils that week. Ugh! So annoying! On the 19th I was asked by Kalekye Mumo to do a photo shoot for her salon, The Black Butterfly. They did my hair and make up to. Was pretty cool! Finally met Shazaib! My mate Shamaila’s second born. Adorable little baby boy!!! That week at work we started a new feature on East FM on Kamal Kaur’s show called Around the World. Speaking to artists from around the world and their work basically. Interviewed Bups Saggu, PMC, Punjabi Hit Squad, Raja Kashef etc. Mum fell really ill towards the end of May. Had to rush her to hospital twice that week. Horrible. And on 31st May Riz did a photo shoot for XFM presenters. Now that was pretty cool 😛

The 60th Safari Rally 2012 was the only thing on my mind now! Geoff picked me up from home in a Ford Escort on Tuesday 5th for the press launch of the Safari Rally. And then on Friday was Day one and the special stage! Gupz Saund and I were reporting for East FM that weekend! I had an absolute blast! My back that Monday froze though. I couldn’t move at all and was bedridden for the day. Had a stiff neck for the next few days. June was a busy month at East FM. The first weekend we had the first Super Chef PRO, the IIFA awards LIVE from Singapore and the Safari Rally! The next 3 weekends were all about Super Chef PRO! Luckily got to see Kuki who was down from Canada for a while during SuperChef PRO! Only if we got some more time to spend together 😦 And then my jaw started aching. Went to see the dentist and wisdom tooth number 2 was forcing its way out! And my operation was scheduled for 23rd June! The procedure took over an hour! (Have a read about my first wisdom tooth and the “example” with an image will make you realize why it took so long: Geoff had gone to Masinga for a Rally Raid that weekend. Luckily I was on leave that week and had time to recover. Following weekend was Taz’s Mehndi Night. That was interesting. It’s always fascinating to see how different communities host the same nights that we host. I’ll just say one thing; Punjabi’s know how to have fun! #Nuffsaid! 😛 Next day went with Geoff to Anne’s for a braai and then a random house party.

1st July, we went bowling and watched the final match of the UEFA champion’s league! Back at work on the 2nd! Geoff left for Diani on the 5th for Round 5 of the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) that weekend and I went for Sunglasses At Night on the 7th ( ). Had my first show on East FM with Kunjan. We air every Tuesday from 9-11PM on 106.3FM NBO / 89.5 MSA / . Geoff and I broke up on the 11th. Shakil and I went to watch Ice Age 4 that Sunday at Village Market. Such a hilarious movie! And then the following week, on the 21st, was the first of Ramadhan. After a very long time, I met up with an old friend Wendy at Jacaranda. Then went and spoilt myself by buying an expensive pair of shoes! 😀 Mum met this random South African couple at Prestige and then brought them home the next day (??????). Lol. Anyway. I just remember July being an insanely busy month because of Ramadhan and the Ramadhan program that we had going on on East FM.

Same goes for August. Busy with Ramadhan. On the 11th though, there was a Kids Fest that Riz was asked to take pictures for. And because I hooked him up with the job, I tagged along. From Carnivore I dashed to Sarit for an East FM road show at Sarit Centre. Kamal, Rajesh and I did that together. As the Olympics came to an end, and Dhol Foundation were part of it, I had the honor of interviewing Johnny Kalsi, the found of Dhol Foundation, on East FM. And on 19th August was EID!!! 😀 And THEN 22nd August was my BIRTHDAY!!!!! 😀 (I’ll let you read about that here: So I was on leave from the 27th to the 31st but of course we don’t count weekends 😛 and I don’t remember much of my leave apart from going for the Rift Valley Festival on the 30th to the 1st of September! That was an awesome weekend out of Nairobi!

September was definitely all about the SAMOSA Festival month. Meetings after meetings after meetings. The month flew by so fast! (Read all about the SAMOSA Festival here: I however had to juggle it between work too. East FM had the Koroga Premier League! And I had a team of my own called The Red Hot Chilli Peppers! We made it only till the semi-finals but it worked out perfectly in terms of balance. However, work felt like I had lost focus, but it’s all good now. September is usually, in my eyes, Earthdance month. And I can’t believe I missed it this year, because of SAMOSA. But hopefully Earthdance 2013 will be bigger and better and I WILL be there J Won’t lie, I made amazing new friends during the SAMOSA festival. September ended with Concours at the Ngong Racecourse.

October was filled with drama! Personal drama really. I went off Twitter for the whole month in fact! Not going to go into detail regarding that. Ah! Ben from work gave me Season 1 & 2 to the best TV series I have watched in a really long time… SUITS!!! I finished Season 1 the first weekend and 2 the next weekend! Lol! Went for the launch of Jits’ new restaurant, Taste Of China was revamped! Amazing! Did a random Koroga with Vicky and Nash and their family. Vicky and Nash are like brothers to me. Navratri started on the 16th of October. And East FM was all over it! I fell really sick on the 17th though, but pulled myself together to make sure I attended my first Navratri event ever! On the 20th Nash, Salima, their baby Rheya, Ashish, his brother and now wife Janki, went to the Aberdares in Nyeri! That was one of the best things I ever did! Kenya is so beautiful! 26th was Eid-ul-Adha, Eid right after Hajj. And we for the first time bought our own goats for slaughtering! I by mistake mentioned it at work, and got picked on that day about being a herder and what not. Lol. The highlight for me had to be OKTOBERFEST!!! No, I don’t drink alcohol, and even though it was a beer festival, I had so much fun! Hehe! Won’t go into detail. Your head will hurt! And that Monday mum made pilau for the entire 3rd floor! On the 31st I was asked to be a judge for a fancy dress competition at Premier Academy. Kids are such a blessing. I had such an amazing time spending the morning with them. Later that day I took mum to watch a movie. We were the only ones in the entire cinema! Was pretty cool.

November started with the Rally Commission meeting. I didn’t stay for too long though. That Saturday I went over to Sam and Devna’s for a while. Was such a random day! Ian Cox walked in with a mate Serena, and then Nafatli passed by too. Hung out there before dashing off to watch a movie with Neil. Then had dinner at Furusato. Was really sick the next day. Had a bloody throat and then had the worst cough for the next few days. On the 9th of November, I met Hunterz for the first time. After all the tweets, the e-mails the Skype calls, he finally visited Kenya! Was such an honor to meet him. He had come down with Billy and Imran. Such a blast. Had dinner at TOC and then tea with them and then headed home. The next day was the main concert, but before that I went to the Rinsun Roadshow that was supported by East FM. Hung around there for a while. I absolutely loved Hunterz performance, even though we didn’t have such a big turnout. Then we went for the 6:AM UV Party! I got home at 7AM! And then had to be at East FM studios for the Diwali Puja at 10AM, record a whole bunch of kids for some work. And then do my XFM show at 3! I couldn’t do the show, I was BEAT! Went and crashed with Hunterz guys. Mum got to meet them too. Mum and H chatted for 2 hours! And there I was like mum’s reserved; she’ll probably hang out for 5 minutes! I got told! Lol! Spent the next few days with them before they flew back on the 14th. East FM was covering the 33rd Guru Nanak Rally and I was doing the live reports from location. That being in the Rift Valley! Then came back to Nairobi for the prize giving. After dinner headed home and my leave began!!! – It was the worst leave ever! I had continuous bad days. But I can only really blame myself for it. Anyway. Sorted things out that I never get to do when working. Banks etc. And then on the 24th was Riz’s birthday and Kenya Nights’ 3rd Anniversary! Riz brought down Nadja Lind to perform and we had such a blast organizing and during the night itself! Not even the army could stop that party (yes, they gate crashed!). But it was a long night, got home at 6:AM! On Monday we had a quiet one with just close friends at Azalea, a koroga that Alberto cooked at. Really yummy food! That week, on Thursday, East FM and Duracoat Paints did the Premier of Talaash. Aamir Kahn’s most anticipated movie of the year. I loved it! Friday, Chantal and Zane and their family had invited me over to watch a pantomime at Braeburn with them. That was such a good laugh!

December started with the Christmas Fair at the Ngong Racecourse. It actually was a lot of fun. Made loads of new friends. Hung out with Geoff, Chantal, Amy, Madeleine and a whole bunch of others on both days. Funny enough, Saturday was HOT! And Sunday was such a damp day, but it was good fun. Sat in for Kamal Kaur on Dil Chahta Hai that Monday and the week went alright. On Saturday 8th Dec, I was invited to the “There is life after cancer concert” at KICC. And what a brilliant event that was. The performances were awesome, the amount of hidden talent Kenya has, is amazing! After the concert I had to dash for Princess’s (yes that’s her real name) birthday dinner at Sierra Lounge at Yaya. We were 13 girls!!! But was so much fun! After the dinner we went to O-Zone Lounge (never going there again!) cut cake and then headed home. My best mate Faheem and I started this thing of going to Que Pasa every week for coffee (they have the best Caffe Latte’s!). So we went on Tuesday as Wednesday was a public holiday. Stayed out till late and then slept in the next day. On Friday a wall at work was being taken down so we were asked to leave early and no one was working that weekend as construction was going on. So I met up with Neil for drinks at Art Caffe. We spent a good couple of hours just catching up and then Faheem picked me up and we went to watch the Sunrice All Asian Cup 2012 at the Hockey Stadium in Parklands. The next evening I did the same but this time with Kunjan to cover for East FM. That was so much fun!!!!! Then went to Art Caffe Junction for a quick drink. On Sunday 16th December I had the BEST time with Faheem, Jamil, Sahil, Adil, Al-Karim, Anruth and Pawan in the Nairobi National Park! I’m not gonna say anything about it but let you watch this: 

to know exactly what happened! Lol! We had Secret Santa at work on the 19th and the End year party at Carnivore that night! The end year party was loads of fun! The most fascinating thing about that night was the moon! It was MASSIVE, low and orange. That happens every December and that’s what creates all the changes in tides etc in oceans. It was just unbelievably stunning! Went to work on Thursday to finish some stuff and then met up with Arfan and Amee who came down from Perth. Saw them after over a year but didn’t even feel like it had been that long. Got me amazing gifts! Was on duty at work on Monday and after that was meant to head out to Rangi Saba but ended up in Voi the next day. The most random road trip but the most precious thing about that trip was being able to visit the Makindu Jamia Mosque that my granddad built. I was so overwhelmed. I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing that was. After Voi, on Friday I met up with Arfan and Amee at Village Market for the last time before they left for Perth on the 30th and after meeting up with them I met up with Jeeshan who was down from Geneva. Saw him after 6-7 years!!! Was awesome catching up. I thought The Remedy on XFM, on 23rd Dec was the last time I would have been heard on air live in 2012, but was asked to sit in for Ruhila on The Rush with the new presenter Vikash from 31st Dec for a week. Had a koroga with Mum, my aunt, Nash, Salima, Vikash, Astrid and their entire family at Azalea. Big up Atul for the booking! After 2AM went over to Gipsy where I got an exclusive invite to a private party upstairs. The night was pretty interesting! Let’s just say, what happens at Gipsy, stays in Gipsy 😛

So 2012, thank you for all the good times, the sad and bad times, and all the lessons!

2013, let’s do it bigger and better than 2012!

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