Twitter Break

I had initially said that I won’t tweet for 21 days – As it takes that long to start or get rid of a habit. But it’s been 25 days. Yes, forget about NOT tweeting, I haven’t LOGGED ON to Twitter in that long! To most it seems shocking. I’ll randomly receive a call or a text or an e-mail asking me if I’m ok because they haven’t seen me on Twitter in a while. Ok – Was I really that active on it?

BREAKING NEWS: There is life outside the Twitterverse!!!

I’ve just been extremely busy to even give it a thought. Things have calmed down now. But it got me thinking today. I have a friend who has his opinions about Twitter and obviously mocks me about it. So I sent him a text today saying “to tweet or not to tweet”? His reply was… “Depends, is it anything interesting?”. Funny enough. It was just going to be “Hello tweeps! I’m alive and it turns out that there is life outside the Twitterverse!” Bored? Maybe that is what it is.

I saw a Facebook status by @just_sham_it saying “Ironically, I miss when people were socially awkward. Social Media has made everyone awkwardly social.” It’s so true. Are we that engrossed by Social Media? Do you actually introduce yourself to someone as your Twitter handle?

Aside Twitter, I uninstalled BlackBerry Messenger from my phone, the one reason anyone really gets a BlackBerry is for that app! My service has been dead for over 2 weeks now. So no WhatsApp either. And I am surviving! Maybe to keep my sanity, I Facebook a bit. But that too, is work related and to a minimum.

I’ve been more social in “real life” than I have been ever before. Also, you realize who is genuine and who isn’t. My phone has never gone off the way it does now when it comes to texts and calls. My regular chatters though have disappeared, but surprisingly a new bunch like to chat without all the additional app’s.

I don’t really have a point here. But it’s just nice. Nice not to be “available” all the time. It’s nice to actually look for someone’s number that you know through Twitter because you need to talk to that person or inquire for something.

It’s been peaceful. Let’s just say that : ) – And oh not to forget, it’s nice not to read awkward tweets from weirdo’s! A lot of blocking to be done when I decide to log on to Twitter again. Whenever that is.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Break

  1. I just dropped in here via the twitter platform, and I’m glad I did. I’ve never been keen on twitter, as I find many people to tweet a fake-reality which only exists on that platform – where I do get encouraged is when I meet people like you – who, other than twitter have another platform to share their views and have a voice – that is blogging.

    I only started twitter months ago, but before then have been a blogger, and I share all the concerns you raise here. There is a real social life that people have and it doesn’t involve twitter or facebook – and I’m glad you have views that are similar to mine.

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