My Birthday Week 2012

After a month of detoxing from life in general… Eid fell on the 19th of August. It started for me at the Highridge Primary School Grounds where the EId Namaaz took place. East FM was broadcasting it live. I’ve never been to an Eid Namaaz before so for me to see 3000 Muslims unite for one prayer, was amazing. Did a few links on East FM with Parveen Adam and then headed home. Had errands to run and gifts to give away but also had Auto X at the back of my head. Heard a few friends had gone for it too and I really REALLY wanted to go for it as well. Fortunately or unfortunately no cars/cabs were available and friends who would have picked me up had their cars blocked at the tracks, so I couldn’t make it. Won’t deny having a shitty afternoon, but went for Amar’s birthday dinner, met friends after a long while then went over for Fareen’s good bye for now thing at Black Diamond. OH MY GOD!!! Like… I’ve heard of the stuff that happens there, but OH MY GOD!!! I wanted to go home the moment I stepped in but had to stay. Was with Princess, Fareen, Gaye and Marvin. It was fun after all.

Monday 20th August, was a public holiday. And Geoff had decided to go into the park. Went with Anne and Papa Mayes as well. Hadn’t been to the park in 2 years and it felt really really good to be that close to nature again. No lions, but it was a pretty awesome afternoon.

Tuesday 21st August, spent the day at work. Later on went back to studio for the show Angels & Demons. Got surpised by Kunjan and Riya singing for me on air. Was real sweet. Was still 3 hours to midnight though. Hehehe. Got some amazing listeners really. Started getting birthday posts on Facebook and calls at the studio. Turns out Kunjan had booked a table at Art Caffe for midnight but I had to rush home because we’ve always done a family thing on all birthdays. Got home around 11.25PM and Riz just drove in as well from the coast. Come midnight got calls from Kunjan and Faheem from Mara. And mum guys wishes. And then it all started!

Woke up to a whole bunch of messages on Twitter, Facebook, SMS’s BBM’s WhatsApp’s… What more can I add? Was such a phenomenal day. Had to order a general Eid/Birthday cake for work. And Devna surprised me by sending another cake – Whole Orange Cake! Another awesome moment was Doni wishing me on air on Buzz Asia in the UK.I hadn’t tuned in for months! And as soon as I tuned in, his first link was an awesome birthday message! And then Mao and I did our birthday link on XFM! So cool! Hehehe! Later on went for lunch with Kuxi at Art Caffe Westgate. Had an amazing time catching up with her. Those minutes were not enough! Shaheed called me asking where I was. Asked me to drop by ex-offices to pick up something. Went over and asked him to come out, chatted for less than a minute and went back to work. Didn’t even open the gift. Time flew by. Had to go straight to Junction from work to get my hair done (typical girl) for the get together at night. Kunjan said he’d meet me there for Yogurt. Clever me, my phone battery died, so told mum to take it home and charge it and I’d stay with hers for the time. But forgot to take Kunjan’s number off my phone. Poor guy had to wait 20 minutes for me to get done. Anyway. He surprised me with yummy cupcakes and of course the Yogurt! Hung out for about an hour but had to go back home before 7.30 for some odd reason. Got home and the family surprised me with cake and gifts. Riz bought me a camera! Shocking but super awesome because I really needed one! Later on remembered Shaheed’s gift, so opened that and screamed in shock. Dude bought me Beats By Dre earphones! Super cool! Got ready and waited on Princess to pick me so we can go over to Mercury, ABC Place. The theme was Nostalgia. So it was old school music and the night was being handled by David Murithi. So Ben from work, Princess and Jaque was whom I was with. Anjlee then joined us. Then Saagar and then Shakil and Naftali passed by to say happy birthday at around half 11. Was such a good night. Got home at 1AM.

Thursday, 23rd August. The hype went down. Still had messages coming in. By the way, that was really overwhelming. At one point I actually told my phone to shut up. Lol. Did the replies I could do and then got treated lunch by the owner of Nargis Restaurant. That was awesome! Hehehe. And then later on Irfan came over to give me a birthday gift from the View Point of Rift Valley. A hat. I’m not even going to go into detail about that, all I know is, that it still stinks! Lol! It’s funny how at the last minute I got really busy at work. Even had to carry work home. But the epic bit was my script got approved 5 minutes after sending it in! Love my job!

Nothing special happened on Friday. I was just really tired though. And flooded with work. Had to sort stuff for XFM before taking off for the next week. And East stuff too. Had a really quiet one that evening. But came up with a plot where I really wanted to go for the Nanyuki rally! It was simple really – get to Nanyuki by 9AM on Saturday and back to Nairobi before Kikoy Culture. But no one was willing to do that. Initially I wanted to go for the rally. In all honesty, parties will come and go, but a chance to travel outside Nairobi is a rare thing for me, so I opted for that first. But then got let down by friends, so couldn’t go for it. Anyway. Stayed in Nairobi then.

My dress for Kikoy Culture got ruined! So I had to get up early to make sure that got sorted out! Tagged with mum and my aunt to drop my cousin Sommya at work. Then went to a tailor to sort the dress out. Ran a few errands and had plans with Sam, Devna, Ritesh, Ian and Glennys for burgers at Burger Hut! Realized I can’t come back towards the area till after 4 so asked Devna if I could bum at her place then go over to Burger Hut from there. She was busy but let me to the lounge and LUCKILY they had Dark Knight Returns on their hard drive! I wanted to watch it anyway before watching Dark Knight Rises! Watched that. Still had half an hour to go before it ended and Sam was already down waiting for us to go to Burger Hut. Met up with Ian, Ritesh and Glennys. Had the most awesome burgers after 6 months! From there went back to Sam’s. Finished watching the movie (lol). Then watched some Trevor Noah and then had to leave. Droped Glennys at Yaya and I had to do last minute stuff for Kikoy Culture. Made calls to “friends” who were meant to come but had excuses like we didn’t buy advanced tickets and it looks like it’s going to rain so we’re not coming. Faheem couldn’t make it from Mara and the entire time I thought he was kidding and was going to surprise me, but yeah right! I sort of lost it for a while. But then calmed down and realized well everyone else is going to be there anyway so I may as well just catch a ride. Kunjan actually offered to take me and so he did. Even though he was two hours late! And the wicked surprise was he came to pick me with Rahul! Thanks for the ride boys!

Got to Ngong Race Course. I almost didn’t want to get out of the car because for the first time in my life I felt OLD!!! Not sure if they were really short 21 year olds or just kids! Kunjan and Rahul couldn’t stop laughing at me though. Anyway. Got in. The set up was AWESOME! Immediately found Amy, Mehul, Vijay, Nishil, Parit, Najeeb and so many others. The crowd wasn’t that big and it was 11PM. Had to look for Riz as I had his camera bag. He came to the dance floor, spotted him and gave his bag to him. Jack Rooster was playing when I got there. EPIC set! Oh. Some 16 year old begged me for a dance. LOL! It was really weird. Ok maybe he wasn’t 16. But he was tiny. After saying no to dancing he said ok at least join me for a drink and I may have pissed him off by saying he’s too young. Lol. Funny. Right! So then Dinka took over after. I honestly, loved her set but wasn’t impressed with her mixing. Drazen took over after and he murdered the dance floor! When Drazen went on, I went to VIP. Seriously, getting old yo. Was so glad to sit on a couch! Lol! Met Krijn of Heineken (hello hottie!). Met Linda, Alberto, Barney and a whole bunch of others. Was so special to hear everyone scream Happy Birthday! Lol. Had a seat and then Omar came to say hello. Was real sweet. Said he always wanted to but never knew how to. Am I really not that approachable? Anyway. Went back down and bumped into Kunj, Martin, Ruhila. Danced with them. Pictures galore! I’m still not used to my new camera, so the pictures aren’t what I expected them to be. Bla! Bumped into Sham! Chatted for a short while. And then he disappeared. Ok. Now! Hehehe! I was dancing by myself, though the gang were like 2 feet away from me, but some good looking older man kept smiling at me and was dancing with his friends. He finally came up to me and started to chat. Lol. Sounded South African. And so familiar. But old enough to be my dad! He was nice. But I was concentrating at Foozak & Frankie B who absolutely killed it! And then Irfan text saying he’s outside with Moto-Moto food for me! So I went off. I had been craving for some on Friday so he brought food for me! How sweet! But silly him didn’t know where the entrance was and went over to Volar I think. Made me wait alone outside for ten minutes and I told him I had to go back in before 4 so I can catch Beng-Beng’s set! Had a quick bite, caught up with him, Aman was there too but didn’t get to meet Tamim though he was around. Everyone seemed to have been getting lost at that point. Anyway. Went back in just after 4. Beng-Beng has always been an amazing performer and the crowd loved him! I saw someone who looked like Palmer/Patrick Osir. But then realized who he was. A friend of a friend (he asked me not to mention his name on the blog lol). We had a quick chat then he asked me where’s your boyfriend? I said I don’t have one. Then asked if I want to dance with him and I said I don’t know. So he grabs my hand and takes me right to the front of the dance floor. Danced for like less than 5 minutes. And he disappeared!!! Just left me there! I was like WTF? How do you just leave a girl on the dance floor? So I went back to VIP because I seemed to have lost everyone. Went up and sat with Barney, Linda, Drazan, UV, Beng-Beng. At this point Kuzi had taken over and his sunrise set was the cherry on the icing! Barney fell asleep on me, so I got up to go take pictures of the dance floor in day light. Didn’t even see the day break but was awesome chatting with the lot. Went to the main stage and met this guy. Can’t remember his name! But we chatted for a while and he was really nice (to the eye as well). Sound was shut down at 6.40AM and we were told to GET OUT by security!!! Lol. Went back to VIP. Hung out with Linda, Victoria, Lee, Barney and Alberto. Riz was I don’t know where and when I called him for a ride he said he wasn’t sure what time he’d get home. Caught a ride with Linda and Alberto. Got home at 8.15AM! What an amazing night!!!

Slept till around 2PM. But it wasn’t the best sleep. Woke up starving though! Had a bite and then just stayed in bed. My toes were so numb! And my calves were hard as rock and my voice was gone! Geoff was on his way back from the Nanyuki rally and had promised me dinner and a movie for my birthday, so asked if I was up for movies Sunday night. It was Dark Knight Rises! No way was I saying no to that! Lol! Besides, we really wanted to watch it! Picked me around half 6 and go to the movies right on time. What an AWESOME movie! I am by far impressed with the writers, directors, producers, creators of Batman! I may need to go back to what I had originally studied! 😛 And then got home by 10!

Come Monday the 27th, the dude who left me on the dance floor found me! Like he actually went through people and found me! Convinced me to let him make it up to me and took me out for dinner on Monday. It was safe, as I had met him before and I know his cousin 😛 Was a fun 2 hours of chatting… But I still won’t let go off the fact that he left me on the dance floor 😛

And then on Tuesday, Farrah (Festival Director of the SAMOSA Festival) surprised the SAMOSA crew with birthday cake! Chaandni, Karan, Ravneet and I are all August babies 😀

That sums up an amazing birthday week! It wasn’t a week though was it? Hehehe! I actually looked back at all the years and realized how much has changed and where I am now. Change is inevitable. Good change is hard to come around. Thank you to everyone who was part of my birthday week. Every second was precious!

3 thoughts on “My Birthday Week 2012

  1. I wish i knew you were there i could have ‘tried’ to mke your night and drop you home with my two seater convertible!

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