No matter how shitty life can get, you will always have awesome moments. To enjoy a nice, hot day, you had to have gotten drenched in the rain. To be truly happy, you must have gone through so much pain. It’s true. Life is a balance of good and bad. And it’s not just about your day, it could be with food, with a movie, it could also be with your friends. The whole point of experiencing the dark side is to appreciate the light side. If you’re not grateful for the good in your life, you’ll end up losing that little bit of good too at some point. So stop right now, think about all the good in your life. Be it your best friend, your pet, or even your car that you hate so much (but it does take you to your destination, doesn’t it?). Grasp the moment, appreciate it, and enjoy it. Make sure you always voice your appreciation to those who deserve to hear it. There’s always a happy day, especially if YOU let it be one! Not all days are dark and gloomy. And you know it too!

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