Sunglasses At Night 2012

The last time I REALLY danced was on NYE in Diani. And that was also the last time I went for a 6:AM event. I had the opportunity to go for their next one in Nairobi on the 28th of April, but my friends let me down. So I had to wait for Sunglasses At Night with Darin Epsilon on the 7th of July! But that too was 50-50, because I was meant to cover the 5th Round of the Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) for East FM which was taking place in South Coast the same weekend. Fortunately or unfortunately, a few days prior to the date, I found out that I won’t be covering the KNRC and knew that my calendar is marked for Sunglasses At Night!

Excitement started to build a day before the event! Twitter, Facebook, texts and calls were blowing up with people confirming their attendance and sending each other music to hype us up for an epic night!

The day finally arrived! I was so ready to let loose as I hadn’t in over about 6 months! While getting ready for the event, Kenya Power decided to do what they do best and disconnect my area! I literally got ready with the help of multiple torches! My only real concern was my hair, as leaving the house with wet hair would mean me waking up with a cold the next day. Luckily! The electricity came back 10 minutes before Faheem picked me up!

Sunglasses At Night was taking place at Rangers Restaurant. It was starting at 9PM, with Dj Vapour as the opening act. Unfortunately I missed his entire set as Faheem picked me up at 10.30PM. Which was fine by me, as we had agreed on the time. Faheem had 4 friends with him, Arti, Arti’s brother and two girls I didn’t know (and cant remember their names). We got to Rangers, found parking. And us girls got out of the car. The askari then asked Faheem to move his car from where he had parked and park elsewhere. So we decided to start walking to the entrance of Rangers. All of a sudden, one of the girls gasps and says “OH MY GOD! You’re wearing jeans!!!” I looked so confused and said, “Yea?” and she goes “Oh because it’s cold” and I felt so OLD at that point and even more confused that I just said “Yea”!

DETOUR – I discussed this on my show on XFM on 8th July 2012, what is wrong with jeans to a party?! Is wearing body hugging-short dresses, mini-skirts or hot pants ONLY “allowed” to be worn at any sort of event? Are there to dance or there for a fashion show?

We get to the entrance and I try to call Riz as he had my ticket, but his phone just wouldn’t go through. I tried calling Barney thinking he’d probably be around Riz but even his phone wouldn’t go through. So I called Linda, she was still at home and I asked her to try calling them as well and she called back saying neither of their phones are going through. Turns out there was NO network AT ALL as soon as you walked into Rangers Restaurant.

Fortunately, Riz has a habit of coming out every few minutes to take pictures, and there he was! Got mine and Faheem’s ticket. And walked into this MASSIVE party!

The crowd was so huge, young and not to mention rowdy. I actually felt really old. I guess as schools closed, and exams were over, all the kids decided to come out. Riz and Barney are awesome! Thanks for sorting our tickets! And Riz sorted me at the bar as well (nye nye nye nye boo boo :P). Was lucky to dance to Dj K’s entire set! The highlight of his set though was the version he played of “Somebody That I Used To Know”. I went insane when I heard that! Hehehe! Chilled with Faheem lot for a while. The dance floor was too wild. I had REFUSED to go down there. So stayed up, by a railing, with the “Dj box” on my left! Found Kunj and Martin. Hung out with them as Faheem guys decided to go to the dance floor. Saw Amy after the longest time! Last I saw her was in November last year for Trick “O” Treat at Clubarn (now Iconic). And of course I got my usual bum pinches from her as she just loves my ass! Hehehe!

Later on Kavit and Zack joined us. For some odd reason, the sound kept going off and there was lots of power fluctuation thanks to Kenya Power. But the reason to why the sound kept going off was because of rowdy people climbing all over the place and forcing wires that were tucked away to loosen up. So the sound guys and Zack were keeping guys away from climbing up. We were having a nice time, catching up, dancing and people watching. Now, I was just standing there. Kunj on my left and Zack in front of me watching the crowd, and out of nowhere, so big drunk guy, shoves me aside from my waist JUST to stand where I was!!! Kunj saw that and started arguing with him, and honestly, I was pissed off as well. Zack asked what happened and I told him, and Zack got into it with the guy as well. Martin came back from buying drinks and tried to break the fight up. Luckily, no fists were thrown. (I thought it ended there, only to find out 2 days later that the guy threatened to shoot Zack and Kunj).

Darin Epsilon took over and I decided to join Faheem guys on the dance floor! YOU COULDN’T EVEN DANCE without rubbing off on someone else. And all the pushing and the nudging and agh. I went back up. So because it was at Rangers, that means lots of places to sit! Hehehe! I had worn boots (yes I learnt my lesson a while ago, but I was very careful). So I sat for a while and chatted with Zack. Then found Amy again! So went to chat with her. Standing next to a bar and catching up, some random woman passed behind me and pinched my bum! Amy and I were in utter shock! Hahaha! Only Amy’s allowed to do that!!! Amy and I spotted Linda and went over to her then. Caught up with her, then Alberto showed up 2 minutes later. Hadn’t seen almost everyone in over 6 months!!! Amy disappeared, and Linda was buying drinks, so I was standing by her jamming as always. So this random guy goes like “I like the way you dance!” So I go thanks with a smile and look away. And he goes “Can I buy you a shot?” and I say no thanks with a smile and now walk away!

When Beng-Beng took over from Darin, the crowd went mad! The one thing he has is Stage Presence. He’s such a performer! It’s different from the usual Headphones on, checking levels and cue’s and all. He made you WANT to STOMP!!! Kunj must have been on his 15th beer and asks me “Sadia, how do you have so much energy without having any sort of stimulant?” what can I say? I just love music that much!

Then I went back-stage. Got to meet Darin Epsilon and spoke for a while. It’s so awesome when you introduce yourself to an artists and they come back with “OHHHHHHH!!!” Hahaha! I love Twitter 😛 I stayed back-stage from around 3 to 6AM! Finally met Zac Esmail too. He’s so funny but so chilled out! He’s the guy who introduced Earth Dance to Nairobi, by the way!

At 4AM, I made sure I’d be right in front of the stage when Barney took over from Beng-Beng. I always do that when Barney plays. The crowd was still wild and rowdy, and my feet actually did start to hurt, so I decided to go back back-stage. Took my boots and socks off and continued dancing (smartest move EVER!!!). Dj K and I did quite a bit of catching up. And then Kuzi came down to get drinks and asks K, who’s the crazy chiq with you? And K goes, dude that’s Sadia. Kuzi was like oh hey I didn’t even recognize you! And here I was asking K who’s this crazy chiq with you! And then we caught up on some work we’re meant to do.

I then went out to look for Faheem, and luckily I found him as most people started leaving. Told him I was back-stage and confirmed that we’re leaving at 6:AM. He goes like “I know you’re back-stage, I’ve been checking on you and Linda also knows that I have been. And yes, we’ll leave at 6:AM”. He’s not my best friend for no apparent reason 🙂

Just a bit after 5, Barney did the best thing possible and played a different version of my life’s theme song by Above & Beyond – On A Good Day. I think I almost cried! It just absolutely made my night! I just closed my eyes and gave into the music and danced away. The crowd was still big as Barney announced it’s “6:AM!!!” And they wanted more!!! And they definitely got more!

I would have stayed till the end, but Faheem and the rest had to leave too and Arti had to be at work by 11 and me at 3. So we left just after 6 and I got home at 6.30.

I’ve got to say, I haven’t had such fun in a long time! Thank you for over 24 hours of numb toes and ringing ears!

See you on the dance floor on the 25th of August (my birthday weekend :P) for the next 6:AM event with DINKA!

4 thoughts on “Sunglasses At Night 2012

    1. Lol! Marto, YOU tried breaking the fight! I didn’t know about the threat until Monday morning when Zack posted it on Facebook.

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