Adiós… 2011

Can’t believe we are here again. Welcoming age! We are growing old faster than we thought! Don’t you just wish you could go back to a certain point in your life where New Year’s Eve was just about watching fireworks and not about resolutions and new beginnings? Now it’s like that’s what we depend on… A fresh start!


2011 began with the most amazing count down at “Sundance NYE 2011” on Diani Beach, South Coast, Mombasa, Kenya. The biggest rave of the year at Safari Beach Hotel with 6:AM Entertainment. Ushered in with Kyau & Albert and Jody Wisternoff. AMAZING! Highlight was that I was controlling the lighting during the concert. Watched the sunrise on the beach. Was the longest I ever partied. Hehehe. And not to forget the DELICIOUS breakfast at 10AM at Booksfirst, Nakumatt Diani. I have NOT had such a great breakfast since! Got back to Nairobi on the 2nd. Hadn’t missed my bed that much before though 😛 Was back on air the next day. Mum’s birthday was on the 6th, had a very chilled one with her. On the 22nd was my Best Friends Faheem’s 22nd Birthday. Had a “Koroga” at Jithu’s place. Which started really late! Had to leave early though. But left after we threw Faheem in the pool 😛 He had a great time. When I got home that night I had a few confessions that I made to someone, with no regrets. ANYWAY! And of course the first Mind Speak Event of the year hosted by the awesome Aly Khan Satchu. His guest was Ex American Ambassador Michael Rennerberger. Plus got to meet a lot of Twitter tweeps 😛


February 2011 I joined Zone Infinity Limited as the Marketing Executive, though it’s freelance work. The most Positive and Fun filled atmosphere for a work place. The main highlight had to be how ill I fell! I was literally bed ridden. Had the worst cough and flu. Missed my first ever Saturday Breakfast show L Valentine’s Day was on a Monday and I was solo on Co-Drive. I remember how Anti-Valentine’s Day I was. But managed to pull off a count down the best romantic Bollywood songs. All the song got to my head and so I text someone a LONG message. To which I got a “thumbs up” to. And then it was back to hating the day again. I believe this is the month I took Twitter more “seriously” too. Seriously *SMH*. Also got to be back stage through out the Malaika Arora concert. Now that was awesome. Though the entire show was a disappointment. Guest of honor for the event was Honorable Mutula Kilonzo. And of course Malaika Arora’s Husband Arbaz Khan was also a Guest of Honor. The next day I met up with my mate Pablo (Nasuhad) for like a last time meet up as he was getting married soon! Went for Milk-shake at Java and the highlight of that day was me throwing up at Java *sigh*


March 5th 2011 met with Naftali for a drink at Java (really, I went back there a week later? Lol). That night was the AMAZING though at “Kikoy Culture” rave with 6:AM. The first event I went for after Sundance NYE 2011. Went with Kunjan Dholakia, Doll Sagoo, Sudhi and Natahsa. Also managed to damage my leg at the event and then fell down the stairs at Yaya Centre a few days later! Read about it here >>> <<< Also 7th March marked the first anniversary of my Uncle Ismail’s death. May he Rest In Eternal Peace. Got to have a one-on-one with Kamal Kaur over Brunch as well. She is such a lovely person. Most of March just went into recovery though and loads of appointment with the Chiropractor.


April 2011 was an exciting month! It was a countdown to a special personal event. On the 2nd Pablo’s younger sister Nafisa got married. So attended that wedding. Was pretty different yet really good. A week later was Pablo’s wedding! I can only imagine how Nafisa felt about her older brother stealing her thunder! Hehehe. Oh not to forget I fell so ill. I was bed ridden yet again. I had to get blood tests done because the Doctor thought it was either Pneumonia or Malaria. When the results came out, it was just a really bad case of the flu. My immune system seriously sucks. This is also that very same month when Bondh Panga blew up on Twitter! It started by the Burban Rapper Raxstar but went over the top by the awesome Indy Beats. Later that month met up with Fareen (Ria) who had come down from Kisumu. I missed having a girlfriend around. And the next day met up with Ahsan Manji (CEO Weetabix East Africa Ltd) and Nafisa Rayani (Aquamist) for coffee at Artcaffe Westgate. That was a very intellectual 6 hours! And then it was D-Day. The countdown ended.


May 2011 started with a friends Reception. What was with everyone getting married in that one month?! Had a Coast trip planned again but unfortunately it didn’t work out. Preparation for the BIGGEST event of the year with White Pigeon Entertainment were going on. JUST DANCE 2011 was phenomenal! The dancers were amazing. And the LIVE performances by H Dhami and PBN were mind blowing!!! Such amazing Human Beings they are too. That was such a fun event! The next day had a get together at Sam & Devna Dave’s place. Couldn’t stay for long but was a nice short time spent with them. And a few days later hearts were broken. On 21st May went for a Family Dinner Party with my brother (by say) Arfan. It was his nephew Ali’s 16th Birthday; it was much needed and was great fun dancing in the rain! Hehehe.


On 2nd June 2011 I joined a company namely Sun Africa Hotels. It was a new beginning and I was so determined to make it work. I used to work from 8AM-3.30PM at Sun Africa then run across to Sound Asia FM for my weekday 4-7PM show. And on Saturdays 7-10AM at Sound Asia FM then 10AM-2PM at Sun Africa. My life had literally turned over. The Hotel Industry is great, but also, damn, you have to learn to be nice. It’s all about HOSPITALITY!!!!! Managed to catch Kung Fu Panda 2 on a Sunday with Kalpesh Challa and Harshna Haria and the rest. AWESOME movie!!! 😛 Also marriage proposals had started again. What madness. The first 4 weeks at Sun Africa were great.


On 7th July I took a drastic step, that was supposed to change my life in a great way. But it did. In a bad way. At least that blew over real fast. On 10 July Kunjan had planned a Picnic trip to Paradise Lost with the Zone Infinity Team and some friends. Met Saagar Panara, Priyal Panara and Rahul Madhyan for the first time that day. Was my first time ever at Paradise Lost. There’s a reason why they call it that. Later on went for dinner and met up with Amar Radia. Was such a fun day. A week later I fell so horribly again. Had to take off from both jobs. Back in bed it was. Also Zone Infinity joined an Amateur Football League as “Zonebies FC” and were doing GREAT!!! Because of MANY circumstances and unbelievable amounts of politics I had to leave Sun Africa. 30th July was my last day and I could say I celebrated it by taking mum to the Sonu Nigam concert that night. Oh yea, I had the chance to go for a special Birthday Dinner for him, but because I was still not 100% and was tired from 11 hours of work, I didn’t go. I’m such a bimbo really! And the day before Ramadhan! Kunjan, Saagar, Rahul (and because mum would have flipped at me for going with ONLY guys out of Nairobi, Shrada Joshi joined us). We went to Sagana for the day. Was so amazing.


Woohoo! My birth month and Ramadhan. The first Sehri of the month was interesting because someone came out of nowhere thinking all things will be buried as we are in the holly month. Not a lot happened in August as of course it was Ramadhan. The only thing that went wrong was my tooth. Yes. My wisdom tooth decided that it had to come out. So dentist appointments, x-ray’s and all were done. And on 20th August the operation took place. Read about it here >>> <<< And yay 22nd was my birthday! My Twitter & Facebook blew up with messages! And I had a great day. Despite being in agony from my operation and a numb mouth! Highlights were my friend Shakil Qureshi from South Africa sending me AMAZING gifts and Kunjan, Saagar and Amar taking me out and surprised me with cake and gifts! Awesome friends! And oh Riz FINALLY took a pic with me on my birthday after 4 years! On 24th August I hosted my first ever public event that too for KENYA!  Read about the Kenyans4Kenya initiative here >>> <<< and on 31st August was Eid-Ul-Fitr J


EARTH DANCE!!!! That is the only thing any raver thinks of when it comes to September. The most AMAZING night of my year so far. Funny part is ever since I damaged my leg again, I am SO CAREFUL when it comes to dancing like a mad person. Hehehe. Met so many people after so long, new friends and my friends. Epic night. Raved till 9AM. Then went home to rest. Met up with my friend Darrin Amirian after 6 years! We went to high school together. He managed to get away from Duabi for a week and there was no way he going back without meeting up 😛 We sat at Java for a good 3 hours. My legs were dead by the time we got up. Also it was raining so the cold got to me. I slept like a log that night. Hehehe! Following weekend had an album launch to attend but ditched it and went to Gipsy Bar and Iguana (effing HATE Iguana) with Arfan and Ali. Got a flu AGAIN!!! But healed real fast. Later that month found out a truth that helped me heal my heart, mind and soul. Attended more Zonebies FC games and oh the After Party of Concours.


Celebrated a year of being on Co-Drive on the 1st of October! What a ride! A week later met Riyaz Osman for Breakfast at Java Sarit and later on met up with Samir Dave, Meera & Punit Vadgama, Nafthali and Kavit Patel for Burgers at Burger Hut! Hadn’t had those burgers since Dec 2010! Yikes! But man oh man was I stuffed that day! Didn’t even have dinner! Following day went for Pizza at a place called Rendevous which serves German Pizzas’! Later on went for a Zonebies FC game. OF COURSE we won 😛 Next day was doing some spring cleaning and found old diaries. Hilarious stuff. Oh how things change. And then my laptop crashed! I almost had a heart attack thinking half my life almost got wiped! Pictures and Music. And on top of it Blackberyy services went down worldwide! After a day LITERALLY a day! Got my laptop sorted. Big ups to David Kamau at Zone Infinity Limted! You are AWESOME!!! All of a sudden had a very deep and powerful urge to travel to the coast. Really needed a break BADLY!!! But I couldn’t. As I had commitments. Promised Amarjit Labu that I would attend his birthday bash on 19th Oct at Hidden Agenda. It was a good get together. Met up with Sujay, Alex and lucky after 10 months! All met in Diani last year. Good times. The next day had a blast from the past! What is it with people just walking right back in???! Anyway. On 23rd I met up with Anjlee Gadvi Noorani for breakfast then later in the day had a Poetry event to host at the Michael Joseph Centre at Safaricom HQ’s. Wamathai October was great. Big Ups James Wamathai ( for bringing Art together.


RA.ONE! Hahaha! That is how my November started. At the cinema. Watching the shittiest movie EVER! But had a great time hanging out with Kunjan, Saagar and Rahul. Had Eid-Ul-Hajj that weekend. Was great meeting up with old family friends and family of course. Did a re-approach to a pending task. And Zonebies FC won the championship! 😀 Had a great time meeting up with Sheliza and Farah thanks to Kunjan Awesome chicas! Had loads of chilled weekends. And then partied again at Clubarn for the best and actually my first ever Halloween bash. Was a 6:AM event featuring Ronski Speed 😀 and then it was recovery for the legs. Hehehe!


Ola my favorite month of the year!!! Or so I thought!!! Had my Islamic Birthday on the 5th. Met up with Ian Kamau after ages! Got to watch “The Twilight Saga: The Breaking Dawn: Part 1”. Friggin love Twilight! It’s just so unreal hence makes it so emotional and makes you want to be in love even more. Was also a month of weddings and engagements. Yes! The pressure is on *sigh*. Also got back stabbed by a co-work mate. Was kind of expected. Not shocking at all. Noted I hosted a lot of solo shows on Co-Drive this month. Finally took leave on 24th Dec 2011 at 10AM for 2 WEEKS! Did mad shopping for the Diani trip 😀 And there after it was just the wait to an incredible break. And indeed it was incredible. Had the best time of the year in Diani. Too many highlights to point out. Separate blog post about that will be up. But the main one of course was the 6:AM Beachlife NYE party at Safari Beach and spending time with the international artists Hisham Zahra (from Egypt) and Solarity – Nick & Elfie – (from London).


All in all. I’m glad 2011 is over. Here’s to a fresh start and an epic 2012!

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