Diani 2010 Unforgettable Moments



Depart from Nairobi to Mombasa.  Mehul Shah, Pooja Vasani, Sayam Shah and I. Drive down to Diani. Shop for the next few days. Get to Lantana. What a beautiful place!!! Unpack. Put stuff away in the kitchen. Relax. Thought we’re gonna chill as it’s the first night. YEAH RIGHT!!! Hit 40 Thieves!!! Had dinner. Drinks ordered. Me, on orange juice. The rest on I don’t know what. Even bumped into my brother Riz at 40’s 😀 Dance floor was hot. Pool tables were fun. Friends were drunk. Get back to Lantana at 4AM. Mehul decided to go swimming in the ocean. Dude loses his glasses in the ocean and didn’t have spares!!!

Epic first night!!


Decided to take a chill pill already! Went over to the shopping mall to get Mehul lenses. Had lunch at Leaonardo’s. Amazing Italian food! Came back to Lantana, and hung by the pool. Played Truth or Dare. Worst Truth or Dare ever!!! Later at night had dinner at home. And watched a match. Best thing about that night was that DSTV was NOT working in our apartment. So we literally went all over the place looking for a vacant apartment that had DSTV working, and ended up watching the entire match there. Hahaha. I think Chelsea was playing Arsenal if I’m not wrong. I bummed out and sat on the couch in the balcony under the stars and moon tweeting and BBM’ing. *OOPS*


5th room mate Dhrupun Shah arrives from Nairobi. I took off with another friend Sam Dhillon who was organizing the stage set up for the NYE bash at Safari Beach Resort. Checked the place out.  Had enough monkeys all over the place, even saw one wanking! YES!! WANKING!! Sam and I were just “jaw to the ground”. While there, I stepped aside to get a nicer-closer view of the beach, went and sat on a couch and all of a sudden a monkey came to me out of nowhere! I started  screaming for help because every time I took a step away from it, it would come a step closer. Luckily Sam came to the rescue and right after that the monkey went and started humping another monkey!!!!

Did a bit of house-hold shopping and went back to Lantana. Looks like more people from Nairobi arrived. Staying in the apartment below us. Came over to our apartment. Hung out for a while then headed out to 40 Thieves again!

The music. WOW. The crowd. WOW. Looks like the NYE hype had started to build up. Bumped into so many people. What a fun night.

Highlight of the night was getting hit on by 3 guys 😀

Got home at 5AM. And stayed up till SunRise. Then went to sleep. And got up at 7.30AM?


Laid in till late. Went to Leonardo’s for lunch. Came back and went for a swim at Lantana. More people arrived from Nairobi, so hit 40 Thieves again!

Met up with Kunj Shah, Alakh Kholi, Roshni Shah, Sahil Patel and a bunch of others for the first time. Hung with them. Me on Coca-Cola and other on I don’t know what + water. Played enough pranks (check this video out)

 and the BEST part of the night was me buzzing away and everyone not understanding how I do it without any form of stimulant…

Later on everyone went to the bar to refresh their drinks. And they got me orange juice. Yego-Bombs (jaga-bombs? I don’t know what it’s called) is what everyone else were having and all of a sudden a hype to “down” drinks started. So everyone’s like “down down down!” (no not like Jay Sean’s tune) and we all down. Suddenly everyone stops, stares at me and Alakh goes “YOU JUST DOWNED ORANGE JUICE!!! HOW DO YOU DOWN O.J?” and I’m thinking, it was the hype?


Got up late. Had Heena Tattoos done. So awesome!!! Got picked up by Sam because we were going to the reef, somewhere in the middle of Diani Beach. What a BEAUTIFUL PLACE! I called that “My Little Pieace Of Heaven On Earth”. Had such a fun time swimming in the deep clear sea. Unfortunately my heena tattoos faded away. Had lunch after. Amazing pizzas! Went back to Lantana. But went for dinner with a new group of friends. Lucky Birdi and Amarjit Labu with their crew. Got picked up in a PICK UP. Drove down to Leonardo’s. Had such a chilled time with them. After that they were having a house party. So were at the lower apartment till 2AM. I couldn’t take it anymore, so went up to sleep. Hehehe.


More people from Nairobi arrived. Getting hyped up for the biggest event of my life! SUNDANCE DIANI with 6:AM ENTERTAINMENT!!! Highlights were Kyau & Albert and Jody Wisternoff! So we chilled by the pool. Come around 7PM, dinner was PIZZA!!! Hogged. Got ready. And took off for the most awesome event ever!!! Got there and the queue was just insane!!! Couldn’t believe the turn up in Diani! Half of Nairobi found their way to Mombasa!!! Got in and you know how I do, the music hit me as soon as I walked right in!!! Partied the night away! Bumped in to Sam too. And spent a few hours controlling the lights at the event. Now to most that sounds boring and like work. Trust me, I felt like a DJ!!! Changing the lighting WITH the music to amazing artists! I FELT LIKE AN ARTIST THAT NIGHT!!! Partied till 9AM!!!


Went to Booksfirst with Kunj and Alakh. And had THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER!!! I still can’t get over it. Cheese omelet with vanilla milkshake. Felt like heaven after a crazy night of partying. Got back to Lantana at like 11AM. A few worried and upset people as I hadn’t been in touch with them most of the night. But anyway. That day went into sleep. I literally slept through that day. At night they decided to go out for dinner, but I was too tired to. So I stayed in and watched TV. Oh and fell asleep again. Not realizing I should have told them to go with keys so I could have uninterrupted sleep! Dinner was left over pizza + I cleaned up the place a bit and did most of my packing as we were leaving for Nairobi the next day.


Packed up. Checked out. And headed to North Coast, Bamburi, Mombasa. Had lunch at the most amazing place in Mombasa, Yul’s! those burgers! Mmmmm!!! Didn’t get to meet a whole bunch of people. Including Dj Pinkz who was down for just a few days and wasn’t going to Nairobi. Anyway. Checked out Il Covo as well. Then headed over to Light House. Had Madafu’s and made our way to the airport. Checked in. and waited an hour for our flight to take off. Got back to baridi (cold) Nairobi at 8PM.


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