… Where’s The Tooth Fairy?

I do not even want to imagine what kids go through… No wonder they cry their lungs out.

It’s been 2 years since I went to the dentist with a complaint about my wisdom teeth. Told me to get x-rays done and we’ll go from there. Got them done. Went back to him. And he said: all 4 have to come out.


The one on the bottom right is impacted. Meaning, growing horizontally and not the right way up (like the x-ray below).

So we have to take you to the hospital. Put you under an anaesthetic (knock me out completely) get all 4 wisdom teeth out, and then you’re good for healing.

First of all, that costs A LOT. Secondly, it wasn’t THAT BAD, so I let it go.

Did the usual he asked me to, gargle with salt and water; brush after every meal and before sleeping. And then you tend to lose the habit.

April 2010 back to the same issue. But this time round it was an infection. As the lower left was growing out. Even though the dentist insisted to get them out, I was absolutely against it and decided to treat it with medication and the gargles and brushing. Which worked out great.

Come August 2011, a week before my birthday, the pain in my lower left wisdom tooth became unbearable! Went to the dentist again, and he said: “Sadia, we have no choice but to get it out. It’s badly infected. We’ll treat it with medication for the week. Your surgery is scheduled for Saturday at 10.30AM. We’ll do it at my clinic; I’ll give you a general anaesthesia to numb your jaw and I’m not sure if it will take 10 minutes or an hour. Just don’t worry about it, it will be fine”

The pain was just ridonculous! Agony every night before sleeping and way worse when I woke up.

Saturday morning arrived. After hosting Saturday Breakfast, I went right over to his clinic. Didn’t even wait 5 minutes, and he called me in. My mum was meant to meet me there, but she hadn’t arrived yet.

So he sat me down, had a look at the back of my jaw. Said infection’s gone, swelling’s lessened as well. We’re good to go. He pocked two needles in my jaw. Paced around for 5 minutes till the left side of my cheek went numb and my tongue became heavy. And so it began.

All I could hear was the sound of someone crushing stones in my mouth. For a second I was like is this guy cutting it or pulling it? Bear in mind, it was a healthy tooth. Not a loose one (where it just had to get pulled out easily like my grand-dad would do when I was a kid, heck I’ve pulled out my own baby teeth).

The dentist kept saying I can’t get a hold of it. He’s spacing it with this sharp metal item and I can feel the pressure of the spacing and pulling.

And finally! He pulls it out!!!

What a relief. The dentist was in sweats as well. I can honestly say that I was scared!!! I couldn’t talk during the whole procedure, but at one point I felt like telling him to shut up because he kept on saying “You’re a good girl, you’re a strong girl”. I’m like agh how do I tell him I’m not 8!!! But after the surgery he told me: “That is something most people cannot go through under general anaesthetic. You really are strong! “Well hurrah for me! But dude, what next?

So, he’s like calm down first. And mum walks in and goes, “Oh we’re starting” and “I’m like no we just finished! Thanks for being there” at that point, I felt 8 years old for wanting my mum with me. So his assistant cleaned me up, put a cold wet towel around my face, cooling me down. Didn’t realise how fast my heart was beating either till I was calming down.

Got up, looked in the mirror and laughed. I was expecting a chipmunk face. But luckily there wasn’t any swelling. Told me what I had to do for the next few days.

So for Saturday I wasn’t allowed to spit whatsoever. And the wisdom tooth area kept bleeding. And here I am, swallowing my own blood. And that was VERY uncomfortable and disgusting.

Luckily it stopped on Sunday. And I started the salt and water gargles and medication and all. But the numbness in my lip and chin still hadn’t gone.

The best part was having to look at a HUGE HOLE at the back of my jaw with a handy torch at home. Was quite a site actually. Looked like a cave in a lost place, that little people would go visit in and take pictures even.

Come Monday, it’s my birthday! Woohoo! A bit down, but all the messages made my day. Though the pain gradually got worse. Stuck to the gargles and medication.

By Tuesday morning I was ADGITAED!!! I was like that’s it, this pain is ridiculous, back to the dentist. Go over to the dentist and he’s like it’s infected again!!! Cleaned it out and enough food came out of the area. And so he packed it with some powder and clove oil. IT BURNT like someone just ate a whole bunch of chillies!!! And it hurt quite a lot too.

He figured maybe the packing was too big and removed it and put a smaller one, which felt better. And changed my medication. Said I should be laughing.

I think the only and main issue is that the numbness in my lip and chin won’t go! It’s actually disrupting my speech and it’s very uncomfortable and annoying.

This whole wisdom tooth situation has actually upset me A LOT. And I’m basically like an 8 year old kid ticked off all the time. Like to even have water out of a glass is not that easy. I can’t explain to you how irritated I feel.

For now at least the jaw doesn’t hurt. But it feels as though, my front bottom teeth are about to fall out. Yet again, that area of my mouth is still numb. So could that be it?

Got an appointment tomorrow morning again…

I just want the numbness to go. And for this issue to end!

I honestly wish the tooth fairy would just sort this out the way she used to when I was 8.

4 thoughts on “… Where’s The Tooth Fairy?

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