…Got Burnt

Dreams… Something we all wish would come true.

Most of the people you’re surrounded by actually are living their dreams.

If you ask any of them, how did you do it?

They tell you: I just went for it…

Same advice a lot of people would tell me…

Sadz, what are you waiting for? Just Do It (No this is not a Nike ad)

Here I am, thinking, gutless, I can’t do it… Negativity kicking in.

Aren’t I like those positive people? What am I saying to myself?

OK! Let’s do this…

Take that first step… Make amendments… Plan it all out well…

Ready… And ACTION!

Burnt before I even knew it…

How shocking! How hurtful was that!?

Everything you really want… Just got smashed into the ground like it never even existed!

People then say, you know what, maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Or even if it’s meant to, it will happen soon. When you don’t even know it.

Just be patient, the best is yet to come.

This could be in any situation. A relationship. A career choice etc.

But ever stopped to wonder; Why?

You made the move, you did everything right, timing was perfect. But I still got burnt?

Now I have to live in this funk knowing my dream won’t come true. YET the same people who said it will happen… Are telling you, don’t worry. If it wasn’t meant to be, there’s a good reason for it.

Yea? Do you know that reason?

My all round conclusion is: Not to take someone else’s advice.

If you have reasons to why you are not doing something about something you want, stick by them. DO NOT get your train of thought interrupted whatsoever!

A perfect example is my urge to move to the UK. It’s been literally 5 years. And it still hasn’t happened.

It took me 5 years to understand why that never happened.

Funny enough, I still haven’t given up. I just know what and how I want this to go now. It’s not even about MOVING there anymore.

So I reckon, if you have a dream… Dream about it. Smile about it. It’s a thought you have sent into the universe. And without a doubt, at some point in your life, be it over 5 years, longer or even shorter… The universe will respond.

So rather than letting yourself get burnt. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Don’t listen to others. That is where everyone goes wrong. Listen to yourself. Have Faith. Get down on your knees and have a talk with God. Make a wish on a star. Throw a coin in a well. Go back to the basics for that peace of mind. Always be happy. You choose happiness. That funk is going to ruin you, especially because it affects those around you. If you are happy, have that inner peace. Trust me, NOTHING CAN MOVE YOU.

Yea you got burnt! But do you actually think people really care? Everyone’s in it for themselves. It’s so rare to find someone genuine these days.

All I can say is: Never give up. Especially on your dream. And take time with it. No matter what people say.

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