…The Most Powerful Love Known To Exist…

It’s a cycle that hasn’t changed since the BC.

It starts at conceiving.

The moment you know a life is growing inside of you.

An undying affection and love is created.

One that no one seems to understand;

The love of a mother for a child.

The moment that life is in your hands,

Nothing seems more complete.

Happiness is not even a word that can be used to describe it.

The fact that God has done his work,

You cannot give words to it.

From being dependant in a mother’s arms,

To using items as support to walk,

To carrying a doll,

Pretending you are a mother too.

The cycle continues.

It reaches a point where confusion occurs,

When a mother is not able to understand her child at all.

But her undying love and devotion doesn’t die,

And a crave for understanding arises.

The child starts to drift away,

Material things and acquaintances become more important.

What was once a family occasion,

Turns to a party for the unknown.

A mother, who loves unconditionally,

Still with that need to understand her child,

Will let her child be,

But hope,

That eventually the child will listen,

And believe that she is right.

The famous saying,

“Wait Till You Get Your Own Child, Then You Will Know What You Put Me Through”,

Becomes the most common terms used in the household,

As the child is old enough to take up most responsibilities.

Frustrations grow,

The child misunderstanding the love of a mother as worry,

And the mother misunderstanding the child all together.

Life takes its course,

And the child begins to understand the world a bit better,

The child reaches a point where she stops to think,

Mother was right all along.

And starts to turn towards the mother,

For advice and for support.

The strangest relationship ever created,

The bond between a mother and her child.

From being dependant to independent,

And back to dependant,

But emotionally if not anything else.

You’ll sit and reminisce how life started,

How you grew out of all those phases,

To where you have come.

You learn to appreciate.

And now,

The you are fully grown,

And have a life growing inside of you.

And so,

The cycle continues.

2 thoughts on “…The Most Powerful Love Known To Exist…

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