Random Rant

I just don’t understand people… Well, I’m not born to understand people… I just wish some people knew the same…

I mean, it’s so irritating! Society is such a b**ch!

If I spit on this spot, the whole freakin world will know I spat here…


In your life, whatever career path you choose, even if it’s a janitor! People will be so effing envious of you!

What I don’t understand is, WHY?!

How does that satisfy YOU?!

Ok, maybe, possibly, this whole INNER PEACE story may have started thanks to Kung Fu Panda 2 and Po realizing his new weapon and all. But I really gotta emphasize on this.

I have been DISTURBED for a couple of weeks now. Most know why, most don’t. And it’s personal so I’m not gonna spill it over here.

And weird enough, you think people who are you friends are gonna be there for you. The f**k they are! (Well the least expected ones are always there for you! Hehe)

At the end of the day it comes down to you.

How you deal with a situation and what you’re gonna do about it.

Too many events have been taking place at the same time and I tend to lose it at times. But recently, I’ve come to realize the amount of negativity I have surrounded myself by.

I keep telling myself, I HAVE TO RE-WATCH THE SECRET! Just to remind me THE SECRET!!!

And just a few days ago, it all started making sense again. And no, I still haven’t re-watched it. I have let gone of all negativity. The people around me, I can’t get rid off. But I just feel so happy.

And man is that pissing off all the right people or what!!! LOL!

Back to the point!


If someone doesn’t like you, OH MY GOD, the world will NOT end. You were not put on this planet to please the world! IN FACT, what people think of YOU is NONE of your business!!!


There is so much to be grateful for and thankful for. People will walk in and out of your life every once in a while. It hurts like WOW! But it’s a phase you have to learn to deal with.  There’s a damn good reason why that person walked out and you won’t know it till the best walks right into your life. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. There’s so much better and good lined up for you.

So why be miserable?

What don’t you have?

Money? A good job? A car? A good relationship? An iPhone? (Hint hint :P)

If you ask for it, you will have it all. Just be patient and let the Universe take control. You’re only human. There’s only so much you can do. The more you stress, the weaker you get.

I LOVE walking into my work place and LITERALLY being the ONLY person with this HUGE GRIN on my face while everyone’s sulking and having such a gloomy day at 8AM. It’s SO ANNOYING to see that EVERYDAY but when they see my bubbliness, they start smiling too. I did my part. I made someone else’s day. Why can’t you do the same? Why does it always have to be about you?

Maybe being selfish at times is good. Especially when you deserve it. But ALWAYS about you?

It doesn’t work that way.

This is an absolute random post. Just felt like I haven’t written in a while. Sometimes I don’t know what to say. My train of thought CLEARLY is all over the place. But I guess I made my point.

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