Every so often, I feel like I just need to break away from everything! Just throw my phone away for a while. Stop tweeting. Get off air. Stop talking to anyone. Just completely disconnect!

This usually occurs when tooooooo much is going on. Too much work. Too much drama between people. Politics at work. Domestic issues.

And I just sort of lose it.

Either I fall ill or I’m always on edge or I have an emotional breakdown. But mostly, I just wanna go to Diani. Just away from everyone.

That’s just the usual.

What’s hit me hard (and it’s also very unfortunate and sad to say this) is that I have disconnected myself completely from almost everyone and thing.

I only commune with my nearest and dearest friends and of course my family. I got off Facebook and I only Tweet to keep me sane (and I am soooo NOT complaining :P)

I am no longer “social”. I’ve created a virtual life.

I don’t wanna blame me falling sick consistently. That usually doesn’t stop me. But my life’s taken a shift and I have literally isolated myself.

I may be a bit too quick to choose whom I choose to keep in my life and not. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s a bad thing too. But I do it for my own security reasons.


You know the heart? It needs protection from some people. So I agree, I am fussy.

The funny bit though is, during the slow break away from people… You actually get to see who your friends are and who aren’t. Not that what others have to say about you should matter, but WOW it’s amazing to hear what other really do have to say 😀 and for that I am grateful for being fussy.

You know the most common term used when you tend to drift away… “You’ve changed”… And we all read quotes’ that say “When people say you’ve changed that just means you’ve stopped acting the way they want you to act”… Well not really… I haven’t changed… I just don’t want you in my life no more 😛 LOL…

I guess people are phases in your life as well…

The other day my mom bumped into my 2 old best friends… 2 people I thought I would NEVER EVER lose EVER… Like they would be there for EVERYTHING… From big to small in my life… And unfortunately, that’s not how it is anymore… They’re just 2 people who were my best friends at some point in my life now… It hurts though… But I can’t do anything about it… Not that I didn’t try… But it just reaches a point where you honestly can’t care anymore… Especially if you’re not getting the same die-hard-care back… So I completely disconnected myself from them… I’d still say hi to them though…

A tiny issue I’ve always had. I don’t call it an issue though (mom does)… I’ve ALWAYS had guy friends and girl friends who are much older than me.

I started hanging around people my age a couple of months ago. Not gonna lie, it’s fun. But you start missing the intellectual bit and reality.

So SNAP! Back to reality…

I have yet again disconnected myself…


So I have decided to get back in the game a reconnect. Yes! I am being fussy. I will choose whom I want to connect with though.

Wish me luck in finding a dial tone!

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