The Infamous Leg

I quit my job on Sept 1st 2009 and decided to take a chill pill for some months. Was high time i got back in shape too. So i decided to do exactly that after a long month of rest. Took it easy on the tracks the first few days. Then thought, why not do some sprints as well. Knowing i may have over done it coz my knee was sorta hurting, i still continued going to the track.

On 10th Oct 2009 my brother Riz decided to take me out to The Loft as his friend was playing (DJ’ing) that night and i hadn’t hit a club in over 4 years >>> 

<<< And of course i had to leave the house in my 3 inch high heels. Still knowing, my knee hurts, i danced till 2AM.

The following week was unbearable hence had to see a doc. Only to find out i sprained my entire right leg and tore ligaments in my knee. And so off the track i went and some weeks of therapy began.

I foolishly (I love my boots from the bottom of my heels… Sorry i mean my heart) still wore high heels even after therapy. Presuming my right leg never really healed, because i always got spasms and it would swell up occassionaly.

On 26th Feb 2011 i had to attend The Launch Of Mark Properties Ultra Modern 5 Star Deluxe Comple – Le Mac! Where i was handling backstage… Clever me decided to wear my highest boots and had to STAND from 6PM-12AM… By the time i was walking to my car, i could barely walk!!! The next day my legs were sore!!! But had to meet up with my best mate Pablo as we had to catch up… For some odd reason I wasnt feeling too well and the next thing i know i’m THROWING UP at Java Junction… Aikaramba!

During the week my work mates and i decided that on 5th March 2011 we’re going for Kikoy Culture. I hadnt “partied” since NYE anyway and it was the first big 6:AM Entertainment event of 2011! So we HAD to be there!!!

Kikoy Culture 2O11 [by Rizwan Ibrahim]

Ladies had a discount of 500 bob before 11PM for entrance! Got there ON TIME! 😀 And i, obviously addicted to trance/house/progressive/electro/dance, started dancing from when waiting in cue at the entrance! Getting in to Club Barn and the music just hit me! I tried to stay calm for the first hour after that i just had to let looooooose! Danced till 3AM. And no i was not in high heels. I wore flats 😛

Kikoy Culture 2O11 pt 2 [by Rizwan Ibrahim]

Got home around 3.30 and realized my knee was in AGONY!!! Following morning i could barely walk 😦 And it got worse as the day went by… Went to the doc the next day… And he said i sprained my knee and tore ligaments in my knee AGAIN!!! I immediately decided no more high heeled shoes… They are going out the window!!!

So going up and down stairs wasn’t so pleasant till Thursday… Leg started to feel a tad bit better…

On Friday 11th March 2011 had to run a few errands with mom so went over to the Yaya Centre. First of all, mom locks the keys in the car. So we had to call Riz to bring over the spare keys because the guys at the hardware store didn’t know how to open the car using their tools or even a steal wire!!! So mom and decided to go check out what’s new at the mall… Riz called up saying he’s almost there… So we were making our way down… I was on my Blackberry TWEETING about the AMAZING “Kache by Angie Barcelona – Nairobi” shop when i missed a step on the stair case and landed flat on my ass!!!

I thought it was like a movie scene!!! One minute you’re there! The next minute you’re not!!! HAHAHA!!! I honestly wish that was recorded. In fact, i shall ask the management at Yaya Centre if they have CCTV cameras with that recording! 😛 Anyway… I got up laughing, and I’m glad i did. I’m sure if this happened some years back i would have been bare pissed and probably would have stormed out of the mall. Hehehe.

I updated my Facebook and Twitter saying i fell down the stairs and it was jokes. Everyones concern was if i was ok, and yes i was….


I woke up this morning with a swollen thigh… And so… I’m not ok 😦 I’m limping and my leg hurts like OUCH!!!

Back to therapy then? *sigh*

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