New Zodiac Signs – Has Your Sign Changed?

New Zodiac Signs – Has Your Sign Changed?

Have yours changed?

It might sound surprising, but the new zodiac signs have been released and you may no longer be the sign that you thought you were! According to astrologers, the moon has recently cause the Earth’s axis to wobble, which means that the new Zodiac dates related to each sign have changed by up to a month. You may find that your sign has changed, meaning that you’re no longer a Capricorn or Pisces!

Update: This change only applies if you’re born after the change date. How this can be the case when the Earth’s axis has certainly not suddenly changed I’m not sure.

There is also some discussion about whether an entirely NEW zodiac sign is in existence. The sign is called Ophiuchus, and is said to be the new 13th star sign.

New Zodiac Signs

Here’s a list of the updated new zodiac signs:

January 20-February 16 – Capricorn

February 16-March 11 – Aquarius

March 11-April 18 – Pisces

April 18-May 13 – Aries

May 13-June 21 – Taurus

June 21-July 20 – Gemini

July 20-August 10 – Cancer

August 10-September 16 – Leo

September 16-October 30 Virgo

October 30-November 23 – Libra

November 23-December 17 – Scorpio

December 17-January 20 – Sagittarius

You may be wondering why exactly there are new zodiac signs in each month? The answer, according to astrologers, is due to the ancient Babylonians calculations. They said that the zodiac signs were related to which constellation the sun appeared in. Since then, the Earth’s axis has changed just enough, meaning that the sun now seems to be in different constellations. This has led to some astrologers deciding to change the way to system works – and moving the zodiac dates around a month. This has happened very slowly over time, however, so there is no need to get worried about the Earth spiralling into space!

So, has your zodiac sign changed? What do you think about it? I’m not expert, but an interesting point is that the signs are meant to signify a person’s personality. Does this means that you’re going to change as a person? I wouldn’t think so, but I would be interested to know how this is explained by astrologers. If anyone knows the answer, please let me know!

(Info Courtesy of Riz)

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