Au Revoir 2010…

2010 started at the one bar everyone would always talk about, the one bar I always wondered about. Never made sense to me, how a bar can be so cool under tents at night. And there it was. There I was. For the very first time at Gipsy Bar! The mega crowd. The awesome music. Everyone all over each other. Drunks dancing away. People of all ages, and races welcoming 2010.

And here we are once again. Welcoming 2011.

It’s strange how things change. We start off every year with a resolution. Most keep them. Most don’t. I on the other hand, did 🙂

Looking back at a note I wrote beginning of 2010. My resolution was to work on me.

January 2010, decided that Kenya is no longer what I need or want. It was time for a change. And move to the UK. But I guess God had better things planned. Got a call from Sound Asia FM saying we’d like you to host the Saturday morning show again. A lot of my close friends know how bad I wanted to get back on radio. And for some odd reason I said yes. Despite the fact I knew that next month this time, I’m gonna be sitting in the UK. So after 5 years of being off radio, I had my big come back.

Come 1st February 2010, my visa got rejected. Sulked for the first week, and then knew, I have to take the radio show more seriously. Which I did. Came up with features and what not. Had to update myself with music, because I was so backward with the Bollywood industry. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without my two amazing friends who sat on their laptops till late all the way in Canada just to help me out! Kuki and Pratik, I love you guys. Can’t forget my first concert after so many years, White Pigeon Entertainment brought down H-Dhami! What a concert!!! And what a chilled out guy Hcheee is 😛

Come 1st March, moms older brother gets admitted in hospital coz he had a “minor” heart attack. A week later. He passed away. March 7th 2010 was by far the worst day of our lives. The pillar, the king, was taken away from our family. Mamu Ismail, I know you’re watching over us. You were our favorite Uncle, and you did everything for your baby sister and us. And we will be forever grateful for your kindness.

One Saturday morning sometime in April during my show, I get a phone call from mom saying that “Sadia, there’s a proposal for you”. Ok hi! Ummm mom! I’m in the middle of a show here! You don’t break such news during the show! LOL!!! Anyway. I had an hour to decided whether or not I want this guy and his family to come over and see me. And that’s when I missed Mamu Ismail so much, because he would be the person I’d ask, what to do. On the other hand, mom’s like, it’s your first proposal. Don’t say no. Let them see you. I think I almost died that day. It was all typical Bollywood style. Dressing up in a Punjabi suit, making tea. The whole damn deal! Though I didn’t serve them, they just brought me and put me in front of these strangers. I cant believe how shy I was though. So had our little chit chat. Then they took off. As soon as they left… The same person who said “don’t say no, it’s your first proposal” said “I AM NEVER SHOWING YOU TO ANYONE EVER AGAIN!!!” LOL!!! Ad from this day onwards I live my life like a 17 year old coz mom has been SUPER PROTECTIVE ever since!!! LOL… I love you mom…

Started working at a web based company. Was fun-ish. By May Saturday Breakfast With Sadia started to become big. And my ideas for the show started getting great too. Loved the fact that I met a lot of new people as well. And The Westgate Mall was like officially my new office. Lol.

Things didn’t quite work out too well so I had to leave the company in June. Started to focus a bit more on Saturday Breakfast. Of course the highlight of June was The FIFA World Cup 2010!!! And career wise my first sit in on Co-Drive for Dj SAK! June had to have been the best month in the sense I started to concentrate more on Radio and the amount of fun I had hanging with friends and OF COURSE the late nights watching the games 😀

Can’t remember the amount of sit ins’ I started doing. In fact I was named “The Super-Sub” coz I would literally sit in for Pooja on Salaam Namaste and Dj SAK at least once a week there after (Thank God I left that web company!!! LOL)!

So Spain won The FIFIA World Cup 2010 in July! Who would’ve thought 😛 and what a night that was! Following weekend had Juggy D come down for Dj SAK’s album launch “RE-BORN”. Did my first ever LIVE celebrity interview. I remember I couldn’t sleep the night before that, coz I was SO nervous about it! Come next morning, it went pretty well. And man was that night awesome or what! Even though I had to “work” as Stage Coordinator for the event, I would do it all over again J And to top it up, Sanjeev and Sonu Sharma founders of Just Like That Ltd had their amazing TRENDZ fashion show. That was one month of non stop partying. And Gipsy was my new favorite place 😉

And oh oh oh!!! How could I have possibly forgotten the fact that I bought my first baby… The rock of my life that I would die without now… My BB – BlackBerry 😛 LOL!!!

And then came Ramadhan. And what a month that was. I can’t begin to explain what a special month that was. Not to forget the amount of fun all my mates had and rubbed it in but I was surprisingly ok with it. Except for 22nd August, my birthday, that didn’t feel nice at all. And didn’t go well either. But oh well. I got so many well wishers and I couldn’t have asked for more in such a special month 🙂

The only thing I really remember about September is EARTH DANCE! My first EVER 6:AM Entertainment gig. And my first time out till the sun rose!!! I danced from 18th September 10.30PM to 19th September 6AM!!! And my legs were gone for the next 3 days!!! LOL! I pulled that night off on ONE RedBull and 3 bottles of water. That night made up for a whack birthday! And that really was the best night of my life EVER!

Co-Drive with Sadia and SAK Monday to Friday from 4-7PM on Sound Asia FM was born on 1st October 2010! And what a “ride” it’s been so far. Shaheed has been an idol to me since I can remember, like an older brother to me since I started working at Sound Asia 8 and a half years ago. And this show made us closer. Some people thought (and still think) that I sound baby-ish or to soft spoken as SAK’s voice is deep and husky, so we don’t sound good together. But we do our thing without a care in the world and out listeners love it! We’ve had fits of laughter ON AIR and off air. And I couldn’t ask for a better co-host. And couldn’t be more grateful to him for taking me under his wing in White Pigeon Entertainment. On a different note… The plan was to watch the Paresh Rawal show together but our tickets were for separate days. But man oh man, was Paresh Rawal good or what! Went with ma buddy Pooja Vasani, couldn’t have asked for a better person to have gone with. Moving on, Shaheed and I got to interview Adnan Sami and what a blast that was. One of the best interviews I must say. Adnan made it so easy for SAK. And 31st October 2010 the Adnan Sami concert at the KICC blew Nairobi away!

And so the planning began. The late nights. The stress. 13 days for the biggest and most classiest event of 2010 – White Pigeon Enetertainment proudly presented HEERA! The legends of bhangra! From scratch till the end. That was by far so much fun. Palvinder Dhami and Jaswinder Kumar (who are HEERA) are the most down-to-earth artists I have ever come across. They made it so easy for us, and of course, they SMASHED the concert on 13th Nov 2010! That totally marked November!

Hello December! The one month everyone looks forward to! The awesome holidays! Everyone’s down from all over the world. The hang outs. The fun. The festive fever. What more can you ask for? All people really do in December is reflect over the entire year, just like I had… And plan for an awesome holiday, just like I had… 😛

And what a holiday it was indeed! Can’t deny it was almost a shitty one… But took control of it and made it one awesome one! Pics will be up no FB… No details!

As the saying goes: What Happens In Vegas (in this case Diani), Stays In Vegas 😉

I have obviously left out A LOT of details on the very personal side of my life, and just spoken about what may seem appropriate to post about my 2010…

In a few words… My 2010 was amazing… Despite the losses… I have achieved so much and I am so proud of it… Gained a lot of haters along the way, but that’s straight up motivation for me… For those who have stuck by me through thick and thin, I haven’t forgotten you and am forever gonna be grateful for it… I can proudly say I am still single and have been so since November 2009… And I am in no rush to get into any sort of relationship… I’m still working on me… And there’s still so much left to do… I can’t let ANYONE hold me back…

2010 was my year! It literally started, went on, and ended the same way. With Music and Fun.

I must emphasize on one thing too… I have been offered, so many times by my mates all year long in 2010, just to have a SIP of their hard drink (alcohol) but I have never done so. I practice teetotalism. And if you can respect that, you are mature and not selfish. So give yourself a pat on the back! 😛 for those of you who continue to offer… I’m gonna cut you off in 2011 🙂

Here’s to an awesome and blessed 2011 ❤

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