Security/Insecurity in Nairobi

Sitting quietly with the TV turned on in the background, my head phones around my neck with some house music playing, chatting on Facebook, replying to Tweets on Twitter and updating my blog at the same time.

Suddenly i hear someone crying, moaning almost screaming. To me it was “agh not the neigbour again with his silly parking issues”. Just ignored it and carried on. Same sounds again so thought i’d take a peek and see what’s going on. Noticed all the other houses lights were turned off, considering it’s after 1AM i may be the only silly one awake. Saw some guys being thrown around, thought our neighbour got into a fight with another neighbour who parked inhis parking. About 4 guys and one had a torch. Just ignored it again, seeing that it looks like something normal. After 10 minutes the noise became louder. I heard a car screeching away in reverse. And then someone rang our doorbell. At this point i freaked out. My younger brother (Riz – who looks older than me) came out of his room saying someone shouted “he’s got a gun”. And so he hit the silent panic button. And cleverly my aunt wanted to rush to the window to see what’s going on. i stopped her saying we’re the only house with the lights on, we basically stand out right now, dont look. They could shoot at us. So we waited a few. And Riz went downstairs.

Turns out, our neighbour was followed. He drove into the compound and had a cab on his tail, the askaris thought they were with him. And then the askaris noticed that all 4 men were armed. Our neighbour drives a huge Land Cruiser. And that screeching sound was the thugs driving away with his car. The thugs were trying to get our neighbour to leave with them so they could take him to the ATM and what not. They stole his phones and laptop too. They beat him up like i cant even believe. He was bleeding from his head like someone through a bucket of blood on him. Luckily it wasnt anything serious. Though he did need to go to the hospital. The cops and security guards arrived in less than 5 minutes. Which was impressive, but the thugs did get away.

The next day we heard the car was found, and apparently our neighbour didnt report the incident to the cops but sent the night guards to go report it for him? That didnt make sense to me.

It’s the holiday season and we all know the crime rates are high now. Just on Friday i was sent a message about 2 armed men cruising Westlands and Parklands, dressed as cops, robbing people and then this happens to our neighbour, in our compound, in Lavington, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Everyone, just stay safe. Be alert. Follow the rules people give us when driving back home alone. And if possible, try not to do late nights so often.

Your life is more important than material things.

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