Saturday Breakfast… With Sadia

Laughter! Info! Music! Getting you out of bed! Kick starting your weekend and much much more is what this show is all about…

7 – 7.20AM – “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” …Quotes from great people that will motivate you and make you think a bit about everything…

7.30 – 8AM – “WHOM TO FOLLOW ON TWITTER”… Not sure whom to follow and why… I’ll tell you!

8 – 8.30AM – “CLASH OF THE TITANS” – Your favorite Actors / Actresses / Singers / Athletes Go HEAD-TO-HEAD

8.00 – 9.30AM – “THE FLIP SIDE” – Your banger tunes to WAKE YOU UP! (I let you snooze till then :P)

Dropped any time between 7-10AM – “SADIA’S RANDOMNESS” You have to tune in to find out… It’s rib-cracking funny 😀 😀 😀

9 – 9.45AM – “SPORTS WITH SADIA”… Everything that’s happening in the world of Sports (Mostly Football though!)

10AM – “TODAYS’ GREATEST QUOTE” My BIG sign out 😛 Stay tuned to find out what it is… It may leave you puzzled or absolutely cracking your ribs! 😉

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